Review is one of the mid range players in the online dating market. It is simply set up with a decent color palette. At the start of the sign up process, it does ask for sexual preference, so that niche group is covered. However, it does not seem as if all niche groups are covered as well. This is a site aimed at your average online dater. There are no hard and fast numbers regarding the amount of people that have registered, but there were over 20,000 new accounts this week at the time of this writing. This is not a huge, slick site, but it does have features that make it stand out in the crowd.

The profile is really one of the strengths of this site. There is basic information that you fill out on registering: height, body type, hair color, and so on. It does not make you write profile text at that point – and you never have to – but that is where the profile really takes off. It asks such questions about what celebrity you resemble, what you like to do around your city, and who you would “do lunch” with if you could. Naturally, there are the generic “tell us about yourself” fields, but the creativity of the other questions is appreciated. The profiles are laid out in a basic fashion and can get rather long if you fill out your profile entirely. It also has places for you to specify your ideal date.

The search mechanism is straight forward. It has the basic age range, location range basic sort of search. Then it has search by profile attribute as its advanced search. There is also the ability to search by who is online and by who has viewed your profile. Functional, but not exciting.

The free benefits are a little lacking. You can only create a profile and show interest in a specific member. When you upgrade, you can send both emails and instant messages. They also have video messages and a chat room, though they seem to hide these two great perks. You can also upload more photos with a paid subscription. The price per month is $19.95, and you can pay via paypal, check, credit card, or mail. Pros

  • Nice, detailed online profile.
  • Cheaper than other online sites
  • Decent search engine. Cons

  • Not very many free features.
  • Difficult to find information on features.

This site is a fair site for finding online love. It is a step up from basic, but not really by much. The profile is a great feature, but the lack of free benefits limits the amount you can find out about the site. There are a fair number of people who come up in searches, but there are no statistics that say how many people frequent the site. This makes one wonder whether or not it is worth buying a full membership. The price to upgrade is reasonable and won’t break the bank, but the question is still, “is it worth it?”

LavaLife Review


Lavalife was started in 1997 and has grown into one of the major players in the online dating market. They now have over 1.7 million members with more than 700,000 messages sent per day. The site also owns many companies that cater to niche markets, though the main site is targeted towards a more mainstream clientele. Lavalife’s strength lies in its technology. It has chat as most places do, but it also has a “party” five times a day that is completely free. You can upload photos, but you can also upload videos. They even have a special feature where you can call a potential match with complete anonymity. Truly, this is a site on the cutting edge of online dating technology.

Lavalife is unique in that it has three separate profiles depending on the type of relationship you are looking for: dating, relationship, and intimate. It is possible to have profiles in all categories and each profile asks different questions slanted towards that domain. For instance, the intimate section asks what things turn you on, while the dating section asks what things you enjoy doing on a date. The questions are by no means earth shattering, and the profile is moderately detailed. The navigation is slick, though sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out what section you are in. The large home page button is a savior, though. In all, the categories are another strength of this site.

There is nothing particularly special about the search function. You can give an age range and a location, and then go from there. If you are looking to narrow via body type, hair color, etc., then you can do an advanced search and save it for future use. It is a functional, basic search function that gets the job done.

The free membership allows you to search for singles, create profiles in all three categories, and post 30 pictures to the site. The really nice thing is that you can respond to emails and text messages for free. That is a perk that not many sites can boast. For $34.99 per month, you can send unlimited instant messages and emails and see who has viewed your profile. In addition, there is the free party time five times per day. All you need is a nickname and a photo, and you’re in.

LavaLife Pros

  • Online dating technology at its finest.
  • Multiple profile types.
  • Respond to emails for free.

LavaLife Cons

  • A little on the expensive side.
  • Site layout is a bit confusing.
  • Could use some more creative search functions

LavaLife is highly recommended for those who like technology, certainly, but it does well as a standard online dating site, too. It has a robust collection of freebies, categories of profiles, and a large membership base. Although it does not cater to the niche market and its search engine is a little on the old fashioned side, there is much to like about the site. Even for the price, this is definitely a place to go if you want to meet up with someone new. However, even for free, you may still meet the partner of your dreams. That’s the great thing about Lavalife: cutting edge technology, great bargain.

Zoosk Review

Zoosk Frontpage

Zoosk boasts eight million singles coming through their doors via Facebook. Indeed, the close association with Facebook is one of the perks of membership at Zoosk. It has even been featured in such prestigious places as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. What makes Zoosk stand out is that it really has the feel of a social networking site. It even has a newsfeed of sorts from the main homepage to let you know what activity is happening on the site right now.

The profile is slick and cleanly laid out. There are the usual vital statistics and text boxes for more focused writing about yourself. A creative thing about this profile is the presence of “ice breakers”. You can select up to one hundred questions that you would like someone to ask you to break the ice. Also, the profile has a section where your friends from other sites like Facebook can write testimonials about you. These are two unique things to this site that make the profile fun and thoughtful.

The search mechanism is rather straight forward. You can do a basic search from the search page that outlines such things as age and distance. You can also go for a more advanced search by selecting which attributes in particular you are looking for. If you collect enough coins, you can boost your profile to the top of the search results for a while and gain prime space on the main page of someone who may be interested in you. It is a way of standing out among the crowd.

Coins are just one of the many things you can do for free on Zoosk. You can gain coins by performing specific actions or by opting in to advertisements. These are great ways to collect coins, but you can also buy them at about $0.10 per coin. What do they do? It is unclear at first, but they are not only good for boosting your profile. You can use them to send little gifts with your flirts and messages in order to stand out in someone’s inbox. It’s a cute touch and just another of the things that makes Zoosk fun.

Free members can also respond to mail sent directly to them, and this is a rare perk in the online dating community. The only thing that paid membership gets for you is unlimited contact with singles, prime search placement, chat, and the ability to see who has viewed your profile. This is available for $29.99 per month and can be paid using credit card, paypal, or check.

Zoosk Pros

  • Lots of perks for free members.
  • Seamless Facebook integration.
  • Lots of interesting, fun features.

Zoosk Cons

  • Relatively high membership price.
  • Search is a little basic.

There really is not much to dislike about Zoosk. It is one of the most fun sites out there in the online dating community. It is nicely laid out, works with Facebook, and has lots of fun little things you can do to gain someone’s attention. Its free benefits are phenomenal, and the price of subscribing really isn’t too much more than other sites. This site is highly recommended as a first choice site. There really are very few that can compare to the fun and to the bargain that Zoosk brings to online dating.

Senior People Meet Review

Senior People Meet is a site aimed at the senior dating spectrum of the online dating community. There are many younger people on this site, too, who are looking to meet older people for dating relationships. This is definitely a niche market site and not a primary site or big player in the industry. This site claims the largest number of online seniors and also states that they have one million seniors registering every year. The site is laid out in a simple three column scheme – not too busy but not simple, either. The colors are soothing and navigation is a breeze with top tabs to hop from one thing to another.

The profile is rather simplistic, but it does have some interesting questions that are unique to the site. It asks about reading and the theater. It seems not to focus so much on movies and music, but to focus on sedate, almost genteel activities. There are three text boxes, but they are not required for the profile. Of course, you can make of your profile what you wish by filling out these boxes. There is also the ability to put audio and video on your profile if you have the capability. Not the most exciting profile, but functional.

There are a few search mechanisms that can come in handy. You can search by the norms – location, age, etc. – and the attributes – height, weight, hair color, etc. You can also search by zodiac sign, who has looked at your profile, and who has actually taken the time to write in their text boxes. That’s incentive! There is also the ability to search by match which is determined by age, body type, and marital status. Some nice search features here, but nothing to knock your socks off. Functional, as well.

Free benefits include the ability to make a profile and perform all searches. You also get to see who has looked at your profile, but not much else, really. For paid membership, you get to send and respond to emails, see who is flirting with you, see who added you as a favorite, view member videos, and chat via instant messaging. You get this all for the price of . . . $14.95 per month! That is an incredibly good price compared to all of the other sites. This site is well worth that price.

Senior People Meet Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Pretty interesting profile
  • If you’re a senior, this site is for you.

Senior People Meet Cons

  • Not many free features
  • Layout is functional, but not slick

This site is recommended to seniors. If you are, run, don’t walk to this site. It is easy to navigate, fun to use, has enough technology for older nerds, and is reasonably priced. If only the other sites would take a page from It is not trying to bilk you out of your money chasing pie-in-the-sky true love. It is simple, straight forward, and real and perfect for the senior dating niche. The only negative is that they don’t have a site for younger people that is as nice as this one.

Mate1 Review

Mate1 Frontpage

Mate1 claims that hundreds of thousands of singles find their mate on this site. That may be so, but Mate1 seems like a mid grade player in the online dating sphere. Mate1 is targeted at your normal dating crowd, but there are many niche groups listed on the home page if you are so inclined. The layout is decent and not too cluttered. It is a nice dark blue with things easy to find by top menu navigation.

The Mate1 profile is in depth and creative. It asks the standard questions and has optional text boxes to write about yourself. However, there are questions that are asked about work habits, diet, and sense of humor among other things. The thing that really makes this profile stand out is a list of different “favorites” that you can identify. For instance, there is a box for favorite food and one guy put Doritos. There is about thirty of these boxes that are fun and interesting.

They have quite a few search features at Mate1. You can search by location and attribute like most sites, but there is also the ability to search by keyword. Typing in the keyword “writing” returned dubious results, but the attempt was a nice touch. There is also a match search, but there is really no indication as to what it matches.

You can post a profile for free at Mate1, conduct all searches, and view the main profile picture. For your membership, you can email all members on the site, chat, listen to voice profiles, and view additional photos. For $1.95 you can sign up for a three day trial, but it is impossible and frustrating to try to find long term prices. Instead, the site continues to bounce you to the three day trial. That makes it impossible to find out how it compares to other sites. Of course, the price for three days is reasonable and a nice feature, but that isn’t going to get you the real deal. If we extrapolate that price out, the monthly fee may be something like $19.50 per month. That would make is reasonable compared to other sites, but, again, we cannot be sure of this price.

Mate1 Pros

  • Offers a three day trial
  • Creative and interesting profile
  • Extensive search functions

Mate1 Cons

  • Does not list price per month
  • No free features to speak of

Mate1 could be recommended as a first line dating site, but it is frustrating to be denied the price per month. It is not easy to comparison shop this way. It is really nice that they offer a cheap trial, but that gets you no closer to making a decision based on your finances. Mate1 has a slick layout and many members. Its profile is interesting and fun, but we need to know at what cost. This site is recommended, but with the caveat that it may be more expensive than some other sites. If it is expensive, there are better sites out there with more features to offer. Buyer beware.

Singlesnet Review

Singlesnet is one of the bigger online dating site in the US. It was recently bought by and its online literature says that it makes online dating simpler. It views its profile as more of a simple introduction rather than a in-depth interview. Simple is definitely the word for it.

First Thoughts

The standard Singlesnet profile is rather plain. It asks the usual questions, such as ethnicity, body type, and religion. You also have the ability to state whether you would consider dating someone of a different ethnicity or smoking preference, etc. For those of you that don’t like to write, Singlesnet does not force you to write a paragraph about yourself. You have the option of just proceeding with the stock questions. Be warned: your profile will look quite anemic without any text. There just isn’t much there. Photos are also allowable, but there is nothing that says how many you can upload.

The search engine is pretty basic. You can search by zip code, region, username, or by who’s online. The site states that they have a particular algorithm that picks out the right matches, but there is no ability to narrow your search when you get thousands of hits. Upgrading your membership allows you to access a more robust search engine.

As a free member, you can search for matches, create a profile, and send emails to people who are featured members. A featured member is, in fact, a paying member. You also have the ability to send flirts to express your interest in a member.

For $24.99 per month, you can get all of the benefits that the site has to offer. Naturally, the cost goes down as you pay for more months at a time. As a paid member, you have unlimited connections with all members. There is also an instant messaging feature that opens up for the paid subscriber. Your profile will be highlighted, and you will receive top placement in search results. Singlesnet also offers four ways to pay: credit card, paypal, online check, and check by mail.

Singlesnet Pros

  • Simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Multiple pay methods
  • Ability to email featured members for free
  • Relatively less expensive

Singlesnet Cons

  • Online Profile is pretty limited
  • Search function is too basic

Overall Impressions

Singlesnet reminds me somewhat of an online bar. You can see people, but don’t really have a good feel about what they are like. That’s what talking is for, but people who are looking into online dating have already had enough of kissing frogs. People are always trying to contact you on this site, but I found it somewhat difficult to judge whether or not you want to speak with them based on the profile. Still, if you’re looking for a date and don’t want to go through a complicated signup process, give Singlesnet a try. Review is one of the “big dogs” in the online dating market. Since its inception in 1995, has been the largest singles dating site on the internet. The site boasts millions of singles and serves over twenty four countries. It also targets a wide variety of niche groups, such as Christians, Jewish people, African-Americans, and many others. It is laid out in an easy to use manner with a simple color palette. It is welcoming with very clear instructions on how to proceed with setting up your profile. Review - Profile Profile

Your profile can be as detailed as you want it to be. In addition to asking for things like favorite movies, religion, and appearance, it also asks about things like birth order, favorite comedian, and favorite charity. It allows for up to twenty-five photos and you can customize just about every question field you can answer. For example, if you want to explain your religious beliefs, there is an optional box you can check for that. On the downside, you are mandated to put two hundred characters in your main profile space which can be sometimes difficult for those who have trouble writing an online dating profile.

Finding Your Match

The main search mechanism of is straight forward. It asks for location and distance, then sends you to the profiles. In addition, you may continue to customize your search as you bring up matches to narrow your field. They have two other search mechanisms. One is “mutual match” which helps find people who match your ideal date as outlined in your profile. The other is “reverse match” that shows you people who are looking for someone like you. Review - Mutual Match

Other Features also features some its own unique technology to better help you find good matches.

Daily Matches – Uses’s proprietary matching technology to present the best matches to you. You can then mark the matches that “spark your interest” and the ones that don’t. The more matches you rate, the better the system gets at picking people you will like. Review - Daily Matches

Like At First Sight – Like other dating sites, has its own set of fun quizzes to take. You’re shown a group of pictures and a question, and asked to pick the picture that makes the best first impression on you. This is another way to improve the algorithm to show you better matches in the future.

If you have a few minutes, watch this review video I did, where you can get a closer look at what’s inside the site. Pricing

Free members can create a profile, conduct searches, and send “winks” to people to let them know your are interested. For $34.99 per month, you can contact singles, use instant messaging, use email, remove profiles from your view, and see who has viewed your profile. If you sign up for more than one month, the price per month is less. For instance, six months of membership is only $17.99 per month. also has a six month guarantee that you will find someone in six months or you get six months free. That’s a company that really believes in it’s service. Pros

  • Large community
  • Multiple ways to search
  • Six month guarantee Cons

  • Cannot respond to emails as a free member Recommendation is the largest dating service on the internet and there are many matches to choose from. It is one of the best places to start looking for matches and I know of a handful of my friends who have found some great matches on the site. The six month guarantee is also a nice feature and alleviates the doubts you may have about joining a site like this. If you are looking for the premier online dating site of the internet, is it.