What Women Want

Women want a man, a REAL man. They want a man with confidence who is willing to take a risk. What they DON’T want is the shy guy who sits in the corner and is too afraid to ask them out. After all, if you never muster up the courage to ask them out, how do you expect to even stand a chance?

They also don’t want the guy who bends over and gives them everything they ask for These guys will quickly be labeled as friends, and put on the “nice guy” list, or even worse, be chewed up and spit out after being sucked dry. If you want to treat your woman like a queen, fine, by all means do so, but don’t forget who’s the king.

Most women will go for the bad boy before they would settle with a nice guy, even if he is a jerk. So should you go out and be an asshole to women? No. Sure you can have success this way, but there’s a catch. Women will THINK they can change you, but when they can’t, they don’t want to put up with it and leave, or worse, they turn you into a nice guy.

So what does a women want? A woman wants a man who is strong, fearless and spontaneous. He can make her laugh with ease and is comfortable in his own skin. Women like to feel dainty, and a man who can make them feel this way melts their hearts. A man doesn’t care what others think about him, and he speaks his mind. The ideal man for any woman, is content and in control of all aspects of his life, even his emotions. When a women is in a bad mood or mad at him, he is quick to change the mood, he will bring her into his happiness because the real man is always happy. His presence is known when he enters the room.

Women are always complaining that there are no real men left, or that all the good ones are taken or gay. In a way they are right, most guys fall in line with what women don’t want. Some women will even settle because they want a nice guy to raise a family with, or a guy with money so they feel secure. The problem with this though, is women know where their heart is, and their heart will always long for a REAL man. There’s a fine line between the nice guy and the jerk, but once you find it, you will become irresistible to women.