Is Online Flirting Really Cheating?

With it being so easy to chat with people online any time of the day or night, it can actually become confusing when simple conversations become a little too flirty. In the past flirting has included eye contact, brushing of a leg or flicking of the hair but what about the online dating world, where communication is mainly through text.

The question that has arisen since the explosion of online interactions of is whether it is OK to chat to people online when you have a partner. Well the simple answer would be that if you are engaging in a conversation online that you would not be comfortable with your boyfriend or girlfriend seeing, then you should not be having it.

But is it really that simple?

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Has Online Dating Killed Old Fashioned Romance?

What do you think of as romance? Knights in shining armor rescuing long haired beauties from their towers? Star crossed lovers meeting eyes across a battle field? Or maybe a young girl dropping her books in front of a handsome student? Well, in the real world, sadly things don’t usually work out quite so rosy. That knight was probably married, a bullet would have shot down the soldier and the student would turn out to be a pervy teacher!

The most romantic man that I have ever met was an Italian stallion, Sebastiano who I worked with in Rome when I took a summer internship as a student. He would walk me through his family’s vinyards, cook me magnificent candlelit meals and massage my feet as soon as I sat down. Unfortunately I soon came to realize that Sebastiano was also wooing Sarah, Jackie, and Lisa as well!

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Why Won’t You Date A Single Mom?

The following is a guest post by H, a single mom.

What is it with men not wanting to date single moms? Do you think I am looking for a baby daddy and hoping that after date 1.5 you can move in with us and start watching my kid so I can go have drinks with the girls? Do you assume I have some serious baggage and my kid is a delinquent? Prior to becoming a single parent, I may have made some similar assumptions myself, so I can empathize with your fears. At the same time, allow me to clear up some of the misconceptions you may have about dating a single parent, more specifically a single mom, since I happen to be one (and let me just put it out there that I am single and I am a catch).

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