My Worst First Date

When I first started venturing into the world of online dating, I had a lot of awful experiences. I found that my dates were often what I had expected, or who they had portrayed themselves to be. There was one instance, one first date, which by far exceeded the rest. It was the single worst night of my entire life.

We had been chatting online for a month or so on Plenty of Fish, and I had become really excited to meet him. It sounded like we had a lot in common, and I was looking for someone to have fun with without any serious expectations. When the time came for our first date however, it was nothing like I had hoped or expected. I blame this on my naiveté having only gone on a few dates with people I had met online previously.

Bad First Date

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The Bad Online Date That Really Happened

In honor of the holiday season, I offer a lighthearted comic interlude for all you singles
and looking – an oldie but goodie extracted from an online outing in which I partook
several years ago.

Disclaimer: His profile appeared normal. No red flags were detected.

We met downtown one evening at a coffee shop. He couldn’t find the coffee shop, even
though I gave him the exact cross streets, but a number of texts and phone calls later he
overcame his spatial incompetence to meet me.

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