How To NOT Win Back Your Ex…

Here’s a look at the top MISTAKES people make when trying to get their Ex back

PLUS I have some homework you need to do at the end that will have your lover running back to you in no time.

This is a MUST Read if you are trying to win back your partner…

It is of the utmost importance that you read this guide on what NOT to do, if you stand any chance of winning back your ex and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before you make any of the following mistakes listed below.

I could sit here and tell you all the mistakes I have made over the course of my life when it comes to relationships. How I learned to overcome and tackle these problems head on through trial and error…

But there’s no point in going over all that now. Later I’ll have a spot to put in your email and I’ll give you all the JUICY details.

But fo now, we are here to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes most people make that RUIN their chances of EVER getting their ex back.

Breakups can take a toll on some and cause them to do some really dumb things, usually the OPPOSITE of what needs to be done.

The first step is to not get caught up in the emotions and get your head on right.

A lot of times, things get said in the heat of the moment, things which people don’t mean. In order to avoid this, you must have your emotions in line. We’ll talk about fixing all the relationship problems, and how to keep your partner next, but for now, you need to avoid these deadly mistakes

I’m going to be honest, and you might not like what you hear, but you need to pay attention and listen closely.

This is the most crucial point and time is of the essence.

You must be STRONG. No one will want you if you are a pushover, not even your ex.

Now is not the time to be weak and passive. It’s deeply embedded in our DNA that women seek strong mates for protection. Even women need to be strong otherwise their man will loose all respect for them and walk all over them.

Remember, you lived without them before and you can do so again, I know it can be hard to come off strong after a break up, but it’s the most important step. Just be sure to follow these top mistakes.

Here’s a list of the top mistakes people make, damaging their chances of getting their ex back, plus a BONUS video for more information.


These costly mistakes will cost you your ex.

Prove you were the catch by not making these costly mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Rushing In Without A Game Plan.

Getting an ex back can be a difficult task. Most people rush in without a clue as to how to get them back and end up making every mistake in the book.

Luckly for you I have figured out a great plan, but if you rush into it because “I have to have her/him back, right now!” You will make every mistake on this page.

Before you learn what to do, you must learn what NOT to do. So take some time, develop a plan, then get your ex back.

MISTAKE #2: Being The Nice Guy (or girl)

You’ve heard the saying over and over again “nice guys finish last.”

You can’t be a pushover and do everything your partner wants you to do and expect to have a meaningful relationship.

We are not programed to love people who give us our every desire and worship the ground we walk on. These type of people will make great FRIENDS, but not lovers.

If it were that easy, everyone would be in a relationship, and we would live in a perfect world. But we don’t.

If you are handed everything you wanted all the time, life would get pretty boring. Every great love story has a struggle or a reason why the two can’t be together, yet they overcome the odds.

Being too nice displays that you are not worthy of your partner. It makes it look like you are trying to suck up because you are feel lucky to be with them.

So stand your ground, don’t give in to their every want and desire. Create that tussle that they crave.

MISTAKE #3: Using Logic To Convince Your Ex You Were The One

No matter what you say or how you say it, you can’t convince your lover to take you back. Sorry, there are no magical words.

We are emotional beings. It’s our emotions that move us and sweep us off our feet. You need to touch their heart not speak to their brain. People KNOW what’s right and wrong, but it’s our heart, or emotions that we follow.

I can tell you how to touch the heart and move emotions to get your ex’s blood pumping and having FEELINGS for you again, but we’ll get to that in a minute…

MISTAKE #4: Begging

Don’t fall for the worst mistake of all…

“Don’t leave me, I’m begging you, stay, I’ll do anything you to keep you”

STOP acting as if It’s the end of the world, because it’s not.

You don’t NEED anything, you were fine before they came into your life, and you will be fine afterwards. If you play your cards right, you can have them back, but begging will only make them lose respect for you.

Even if you do manage to beg them back, they will only stick around for a brief period because they will have came back for all the wrong reasons…

MISTAKE #5: Buying Them Back With Gifts

Sending flowers and buying gifts are a BIG no no in terms of trying to win back your partner.

This will not make your ex fall back in love with you. It will make you look pathetic and desparate. it’s the nice guy all over again saying you are not good enough on your own.

Save the flowers and gifts for special occasions, thank yous, and congratulations.

MISTAKE #6: Confessing Your Love

It’s easy to think that if you tell them how much you love them, and that they meant the world to you, that they would come running back.

This is NOT how it works.

This is the last thing they want to hear from you right now.

This mistake can also make you come across as needy which is NOT attractive.

MISTAKE #7: Too Much Contact

Obviously you are going to have to have some communication with your ex if you are expecting to try to win them back, but people often make the mistake of TOO MUCH.

Don’t call them or text them a bunch of times, if you do, you will look needy and
desperate and that’s a total TURN OFF.

MISTAKE #8: Giving Them The Power

People make the mistake of giving their ex all the power. They will bend over backwards and lose sight of who they are.

Don’t be the pathetic wuss who gets walked all over, you will only be used until something better comes along.

If you give them everything they will lose all respect for you, and you will NEVER get them back. If you do, you will only be used until they find something better.

If you already have giving them all your power, it’s not too late, you can win it back, but we’ll discuss that later.

MISTAKE #9: Waiting Too Long

I told you not to rush things, but waiting too long before you do anything is a BIG mistake.

Your ex, might have already found a new fling or lover, now what?

Some people believe that if they take time and improve their image or status that their ex will want them back, this is false.

If you want your ex back NOW, don’t wait.

MISTAKE #10: Not Asking For Help

Most people wont stop and ask directions when they are lost, why would they ask for relationship advice? The pain of a break up is hard enough on it’s own, why tackle it alone?

If you want your ex back you got to do it the RIGHT WAY. You’ve taken the first step by figuring out How To NOT Win Back Your Ex Lover.

Ok…Now What?

I’ve told you what NOT to do, now are you ready to learn what you SHOULD do? It’s time to take matters in your own hands and use some clever tricks to win your Ex’s heart back.

My friend T-Dub has a lot of experience with relationships. He looks like a regular guy, but he has some amazing relationship skills that he’s used to repair his own relationships, and the relationships of thousands of other couples across the globe.

In this video below, he’s going to show you the first step you need to take to fix your broken relationship.

This is your homework. Watch the video and see T-Dub has to say, and then apply the trick he talks about right away. It’s drop dead simple and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it earlier.

Once you have done that, check out the rest of his page to learn the rest of his secrets. I first learned of T-Dub myself when I went through my last breakup, and take it from me, his advice works. So please listen carefully to what he has to say.

You want to get your Ex back right?

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