Has Online Dating Killed Old Fashioned Romance?

What do you think of as romance? Knights in shining armor rescuing long haired beauties from their towers? Star crossed lovers meeting eyes across a battle field? Or maybe a young girl dropping her books in front of a handsome student? Well, in the real world, sadly things don’t usually work out quite so rosy. That knight was probably married, a bullet would have shot down the soldier and the student would turn out to be a pervy teacher!

The most romantic man that I have ever met was an Italian stallion, Sebastiano who I worked with in Rome when I took a summer internship as a student. He would walk me through his family’s vinyards, cook me magnificent candlelit meals and massage my feet as soon as I sat down. Unfortunately I soon came to realize that Sebastiano was also wooing Sarah, Jackie, and Lisa as well!

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Top 5 Online Flirting Tips

Although the terror of approaching new people online is minimal compared to face to face encounters, in order to reel in a good catch in the cyber sea, you will need a certain level of skill and finesse in the flirting department.

Like in the real world there are certainly do’s and don’ts when turning on your flirt switch. Follow these top flirting tips whether you are on OkCupid or Match.com and you will be sure to entice even the most experienced online daters:

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When Worlds Collide

Twice at recent social events, men have recognized me from my online dating profile and, emboldened by the knowledge that I’m looking to date, asked me out. Hey, that’s great, I like a guy who remembers how to approach me for a date in person rather than via the semi-anonymous comfort of internet space. But both men have taken offense at my polite “no thank you,” and have endeavored repeatedly for a different answer. It seems as if they mistook my online presence as a sign that I was desperate and would accept a date with anyone who asked.

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Survival Tips For Your First Date

Do you find it easy to arrange a date online but have trouble making it past the first date? Creating a good first impression can be daunting, but once you master the ‘first impressionist’ art, you’ll find the first date a breeze. Better yet, you might even find it…..fun. Keep in mind these easy tips for breezing through your first date and paving the way for your second date and beyond!

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Why Won’t You Date A Single Mom?

The following is a guest post by H, a single mom.

What is it with men not wanting to date single moms? Do you think I am looking for a baby daddy and hoping that after date 1.5 you can move in with us and start watching my kid so I can go have drinks with the girls? Do you assume I have some serious baggage and my kid is a delinquent? Prior to becoming a single parent, I may have made some similar assumptions myself, so I can empathize with your fears. At the same time, allow me to clear up some of the misconceptions you may have about dating a single parent, more specifically a single mom, since I happen to be one (and let me just put it out there that I am single and I am a catch).

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Date.com Review


Date.com is one of the mid range players in the online dating market. It is simply set up with a decent color palette. At the start of the sign up process, it does ask for sexual preference, so that niche group is covered. However, it does not seem as if all niche groups are covered as well. This is a site aimed at your average online dater. There are no hard and fast numbers regarding the amount of people that have registered, but there were over 20,000 new accounts this week at the time of this writing. This is not a huge, slick site, but it does have features that make it stand out in the crowd.

The profile is really one of the strengths of this site. There is basic information that you fill out on registering: height, body type, hair color, and so on. It does not make you write profile text at that point – and you never have to – but that is where the profile really takes off. It asks such questions about what celebrity you resemble, what you like to do around your city, and who you would “do lunch” with if you could. Naturally, there are the generic “tell us about yourself” fields, but the creativity of the other questions is appreciated. The profiles are laid out in a basic fashion and can get rather long if you fill out your profile entirely. It also has places for you to specify your ideal date.

The search mechanism is straight forward. It has the basic age range, location range basic sort of search. Then it has search by profile attribute as its advanced search. There is also the ability to search by who is online and by who has viewed your profile. Functional, but not exciting.

The free benefits are a little lacking. You can only create a profile and show interest in a specific member. When you upgrade, you can send both emails and instant messages. They also have video messages and a chat room, though they seem to hide these two great perks. You can also upload more photos with a paid subscription. The price per month is $19.95, and you can pay via paypal, check, credit card, or mail.

Date.com Pros

  • Nice, detailed online profile.
  • Cheaper than other online sites
  • Decent search engine.

Date.com Cons

  • Not very many free features.
  • Difficult to find information on features.

This site is a fair site for finding online love. It is a step up from basic, but not really by much. The profile is a great feature, but the lack of free benefits limits the amount you can find out about the site. There are a fair number of people who come up in searches, but there are no statistics that say how many people frequent the site. This makes one wonder whether or not it is worth buying a full membership. The price to upgrade is reasonable and won’t break the bank, but the question is still, “is it worth it?”

LavaLife Review


Lavalife was started in 1997 and has grown into one of the major players in the online dating market. They now have over 1.7 million members with more than 700,000 messages sent per day. The site also owns many companies that cater to niche markets, though the main site is targeted towards a more mainstream clientele. Lavalife’s strength lies in its technology. It has chat as most places do, but it also has a “party” five times a day that is completely free. You can upload photos, but you can also upload videos. They even have a special feature where you can call a potential match with complete anonymity. Truly, this is a site on the cutting edge of online dating technology.

Lavalife is unique in that it has three separate profiles depending on the type of relationship you are looking for: dating, relationship, and intimate. It is possible to have profiles in all categories and each profile asks different questions slanted towards that domain. For instance, the intimate section asks what things turn you on, while the dating section asks what things you enjoy doing on a date. The questions are by no means earth shattering, and the profile is moderately detailed. The navigation is slick, though sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out what section you are in. The large home page button is a savior, though. In all, the categories are another strength of this site.

There is nothing particularly special about the search function. You can give an age range and a location, and then go from there. If you are looking to narrow via body type, hair color, etc., then you can do an advanced search and save it for future use. It is a functional, basic search function that gets the job done.

The free membership allows you to search for singles, create profiles in all three categories, and post 30 pictures to the site. The really nice thing is that you can respond to emails and text messages for free. That is a perk that not many sites can boast. For $34.99 per month, you can send unlimited instant messages and emails and see who has viewed your profile. In addition, there is the free party time five times per day. All you need is a nickname and a photo, and you’re in.

LavaLife Pros

  • Online dating technology at its finest.
  • Multiple profile types.
  • Respond to emails for free.

LavaLife Cons

  • A little on the expensive side.
  • Site layout is a bit confusing.
  • Could use some more creative search functions

LavaLife is highly recommended for those who like technology, certainly, but it does well as a standard online dating site, too. It has a robust collection of freebies, categories of profiles, and a large membership base. Although it does not cater to the niche market and its search engine is a little on the old fashioned side, there is much to like about the site. Even for the price, this is definitely a place to go if you want to meet up with someone new. However, even for free, you may still meet the partner of your dreams. That’s the great thing about Lavalife: cutting edge technology, great bargain.

Don’t Worry, Be Funny

It’s good to be serious about finding your soulmate on the internet; it’s not so good to be just plain serious. It’s a proven fact (or a fact that will eventually be proven) that taking oneself too seriously causes health problems and certain death. And nobody wants to die of seriousness before finding their perfect mate! So when you create your online profile, make sure you show your lighter side.

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Don’t Sweat Your Response Rate

In light of the emotionally – charged comments you’ve offered regarding your own personal online dating experiences, I notice a consistent sore spot is the disappointing dearth of responses to your attempts at contacting prospective dates. I observe that some have arrived at the mistaken impression that men suffer more ignored emails than women.

Let me assure you that this is in fact not the case. I, a woman of good intellect, better looks, even better sense of humor and average height (hey, nobody’s perfect!), have sent out many an unanswered email, and I will admit that early on in the online dating game, a few empty inboxes after such judicious searching induced some disappointment.

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