Review is one of the “big dogs” in the online dating market. Since its inception in 1995, has been the largest singles dating site on the internet. The site boasts millions of singles and serves over twenty four countries. It also targets a wide variety of niche groups, such as Christians, Jewish people, African-Americans, and many others. It is laid out in an easy to use manner with a simple color palette. It is welcoming with very clear instructions on how to proceed with setting up your profile. Review - Profile Profile

Your profile can be as detailed as you want it to be. In addition to asking for things like favorite movies, religion, and appearance, it also asks about things like birth order, favorite comedian, and favorite charity. It allows for up to twenty-five photos and you can customize just about every question field you can answer. For example, if you want to explain your religious beliefs, there is an optional box you can check for that. On the downside, you are mandated to put two hundred characters in your main profile space which can be sometimes difficult for those who have trouble writing an online dating profile.

Finding Your Match

The main search mechanism of is straight forward. It asks for location and distance, then sends you to the profiles. In addition, you may continue to customize your search as you bring up matches to narrow your field. They have two other search mechanisms. One is “mutual match” which helps find people who match your ideal date as outlined in your profile. The other is “reverse match” that shows you people who are looking for someone like you. Review - Mutual Match

Other Features also features some its own unique technology to better help you find good matches.

Daily Matches – Uses’s proprietary matching technology to present the best matches to you. You can then mark the matches that “spark your interest” and the ones that don’t. The more matches you rate, the better the system gets at picking people you will like. Review - Daily Matches

Like At First Sight – Like other dating sites, has its own set of fun quizzes to take. You’re shown a group of pictures and a question, and asked to pick the picture that makes the best first impression on you. This is another way to improve the algorithm to show you better matches in the future.

If you have a few minutes, watch this review video I did, where you can get a closer look at what’s inside the site. Pricing

Free members can create a profile, conduct searches, and send “winks” to people to let them know your are interested. For $34.99 per month, you can contact singles, use instant messaging, use email, remove profiles from your view, and see who has viewed your profile. If you sign up for more than one month, the price per month is less. For instance, six months of membership is only $17.99 per month. also has a six month guarantee that you will find someone in six months or you get six months free. That’s a company that really believes in it’s service. Pros

  • Large community
  • Multiple ways to search
  • Six month guarantee Cons

  • Cannot respond to emails as a free member Recommendation is the largest dating service on the internet and there are many matches to choose from. It is one of the best places to start looking for matches and I know of a handful of my friends who have found some great matches on the site. The six month guarantee is also a nice feature and alleviates the doubts you may have about joining a site like this. If you are looking for the premier online dating site of the internet, is it. vs eHarmony – On Which Site Will I Meet Mr. Right?

So now that you’ve decided to leave the real world and take off for internet space in your search for a partner, you need to decide which online dating site you’ll entrust to play matchmaker. You can be a paying customer, or you can join one of the free dating sites. This article will discuss your options if you’d like to pay to date; next week’s column will review some of the prime singles sites for online-daters on a budget.

The two most popular online dating sites for paying customers are and and I’ve had experiences with both. vs eHarmony Pros

  • With, you’re allowed full freedom in browsing profiles and contacting whomever you choose. While may suggest people it thinks you may like in its Daily Top 5, you are not limited to a certain number of people who meet a given “chemistry” criteria. does not presume to know who you’ll like.
  • It’s affordable. If you sign up for a six-month membership, for example, it can be as cheap as $15.99/month. There’s even a “meet somebody in six months or your money back” guarantee. Keep in mind, however, that this guarantee comes with strings attached; you have to prove you’re actively searching out a mate with a minimum number of monthly emails and responses. Sounds exhausting unless you enjoy a challenge that involves going on a date every night.
  • You can clearly see what people look like from the pictures. I’ve seen sites that somehow manage to reduce the picture quality to the point that your “blind date” is truly that—you have no idea how they’ll look in person from the fuzzy pictures on their profile. Cons

  • This is a pro in my mind, but could be a con for some – as aforementioned, doesn’t pick your matches. It’s up to you to do the dirty work and peruse profiles to narrow down your options. You need to know what you’re looking for, or you’ll be overwhelmed by the 5 million men/women online and you’ll try having a date with all of them. Totally inefficient.
  • You don’t know who’s a paying member and who’s not. Non-paying members of can’t do anything but wink. So somebody may wink at you, but then never respond to your email – because they can’t! Just assume if you don’t hear back from somebody, then he or she is a non-paying member who can’t send/receive emails and move on.

eHarmony Pros

  • eHarmony decides who you’ll be romantically attracted to according to your answers to a comprehensive personality profile it generates based on the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility.
  • Not sure how to make the best impression on your match? Then you can take advantage of the eHarmony Guided Communication option to help you break the ice, and get to know your matches better.
  • Geared towards people trying to find their soulmate, or at least a more long-term type relationship. According to a Harris Poll, 239 members get married each day which is amazing.

eHarmony Cons

  • It takes a long time to setup your profile. There are at least six or seven steps to work through before actually getting to correspond with an eHarmony potential match. They include sending multiple-choice questions to one another and sending “must-haves & don’t-wants” (pre-chosen lists of deal-makers and deal-breakers for your ideal partner). If you’re not truly serious about finding a match, you might not get through the process.
  • It’s more expensive than However they do have a free trial and they often have free communication weekends that you can take advantage of. vs eHarmony? is definitely the dating site that appeals to a wider dating audience. It also has the most members and tons of features that make the online dating experience easy. You’ll generally find lots of decent matches, and overall I’ve been pretty happy with the handful of dates I’ve found on Match.

eHarmony is for more serious daters who are looking to get married or to find a long-term lasting relationship with someone. If this fits what you’re looking for, then you should definitely give eHarmony a try.