Mate1 Review

Mate1 Frontpage

Mate1 claims that hundreds of thousands of singles find their mate on this site. That may be so, but Mate1 seems like a mid grade player in the online dating sphere. Mate1 is targeted at your normal dating crowd, but there are many niche groups listed on the home page if you are so inclined. The layout is decent and not too cluttered. It is a nice dark blue with things easy to find by top menu navigation.

The Mate1 profile is in depth and creative. It asks the standard questions and has optional text boxes to write about yourself. However, there are questions that are asked about work habits, diet, and sense of humor among other things. The thing that really makes this profile stand out is a list of different “favorites” that you can identify. For instance, there is a box for favorite food and one guy put Doritos. There is about thirty of these boxes that are fun and interesting.

They have quite a few search features at Mate1. You can search by location and attribute like most sites, but there is also the ability to search by keyword. Typing in the keyword “writing” returned dubious results, but the attempt was a nice touch. There is also a match search, but there is really no indication as to what it matches.

You can post a profile for free at Mate1, conduct all searches, and view the main profile picture. For your membership, you can email all members on the site, chat, listen to voice profiles, and view additional photos. For $1.95 you can sign up for a three day trial, but it is impossible and frustrating to try to find long term prices. Instead, the site continues to bounce you to the three day trial. That makes it impossible to find out how it compares to other sites. Of course, the price for three days is reasonable and a nice feature, but that isn’t going to get you the real deal. If we extrapolate that price out, the monthly fee may be something like $19.50 per month. That would make is reasonable compared to other sites, but, again, we cannot be sure of this price.

Mate1 Pros

  • Offers a three day trial
  • Creative and interesting profile
  • Extensive search functions

Mate1 Cons

  • Does not list price per month
  • No free features to speak of

Mate1 could be recommended as a first line dating site, but it is frustrating to be denied the price per month. It is not easy to comparison shop this way. It is really nice that they offer a cheap trial, but that gets you no closer to making a decision based on your finances. Mate1 has a slick layout and many members. Its profile is interesting and fun, but we need to know at what cost. This site is recommended, but with the caveat that it may be more expensive than some other sites. If it is expensive, there are better sites out there with more features to offer. Buyer beware.