Review is’s answer to the personality profile online dating engine. You’ve probably seen ads for it on TV and it has also been featured on 20/20 and Good Morning, America. The site works by asking you a lot of questions and seeks to get to know your innermost self. You will also receive a report of your personality in case you were wondering what all of those questions meant. This is all based on the anthropologically research conducted by Dr. Helen Fisher. Taking the personality test only takes about twenty minutes and doesn’t feel “too long”. The site is simply laid out with a soothing blue color palette.

The profile and matching capabilities are obviously what makes this site work. It doesn’t feel as in depth as eHarmony, but it does have some of the same effects. You feel as if you are matching on something other than just what movies you have in common. When you bring up someone else’s profile, it automatically shows your profile beside it. This is a nice touch to see how your personality types and other information coincide. Like eHarmony, there is not way to search for other members, but you are matched according to your personality types. There is quite a bit of information on the site about what each personality type is and how your answers determine it.

There are also some interesting ways to get the ball rolling with a match. One of them asks you to give your opinion on a picture and then asks the same of your match. One allows you to send a list of four items to your match and then he/she will send a list back for comparison purposes. There are three more fun ways to break the ice with your match, but none of this is available for free.

As a free member, you can make your profile and look at your personality scores. You cannot connect with anyone as a free member. As a paying member, you can find out who has looked at your profile, who has shown an interest in you, and unlimited communicating – including emails – with your matches. This service is $49.99 per month, and the price per month goes down with the number of months you purchase. Pros

  • in depth personality profile
  • free personality results
  • cheaper than eHarmony Cons

  • no free benefits
  • more expensive than other sites

In the personality dating game, Chemistry is a good alternative to eHarmony. Its profile is not nearly as overwhelming and I actually found a couple of good prospective matches on the site. Not only that, but it’s cheaper, so why not give it a try?

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