Creating Your Online Dating Profile – Part 2

Here are two more online dating tips for creating your online dating profile.

3) Have a friend of the opposite sex read it.

This part is non-negotiable. Let’s face it, men don’t really know what women want, and women don’t really know what men want. Sure we have some vague ideas, but if we’d truly cracked the code we wouldn’t be online dating now, would we? A platonic friend of the opposite sex can spot deficient areas or subjects about which you’ve said too much. Case in point: A good guy friend of mine, who by the way is incredibly good-looking, smart, and funny, was flummoxed by the complete absence of responses he got to emails he sent out from his online dating profile. When I reviewed it for clues as to his lack of success, I found that he had listed that he was online in order to “hang out.” I pointed out to him that while most women weren’t looking for a man who’d commit to marriage on the second date, they were likely looking at least for somebody who was interested in the potential for dating. I can’t speak for everybody, but I’ve already got plenty of people to “hang out” with, and I’m looking online for somebody to date.

My good guy friend who proofread mine pointed out that I had something like fifteen smiley faces in mine. Which made me look a little over-the-top happy, or like I didn’t trust that the person reading it would get my sense of humor. I think I managed to shave it down to only about ten smiley faces after his advice. 🙂

Pick a friend to proofread who will be brutally honest. If your trusted member of the opposite sex says, “It looks perfect just as it is,” he or she is probably just trying to impress you.

If you haven’t had the good sense to spell-check, ask that your friend also edit for spelling and grammar. You don’t have to be a literary genius, but I would prefer if you were literate. I once read a profile that, I swear, read something like “I wood like to meat a nice gurl, if your intrested, let me now.” [What I’m interested in is you going back to the second grade and learning to spell.]

4) Don’t bite the lips that kiss you.

Be kind. I have come across nearly a dozen profiles in which the man alludes to the wretched nature of womankind, along the lines of, “Most women I’ve come across are self-absorbed and superficial. Can you prove me wrong?”

It’s a tactic, I suppose, but basic psychology suggests that alienating people of the opposite sex is not a good way to entice them to date you. We’ve all been burned in the past, and we all have baggage, but carrying that baggage into our search for a new relationship is a surefire sign we’re not ready to be dating again, online or otherwise. Remember the old adage: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Good luck creating your profile!

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