Review is one of the mid range players in the online dating market. It is simply set up with a decent color palette. At the start of the sign up process, it does ask for sexual preference, so that niche group is covered. However, it does not seem as if all niche groups are covered as well. This is a site aimed at your average online dater. There are no hard and fast numbers regarding the amount of people that have registered, but there were over 20,000 new accounts this week at the time of this writing. This is not a huge, slick site, but it does have features that make it stand out in the crowd.

The profile is really one of the strengths of this site. There is basic information that you fill out on registering: height, body type, hair color, and so on. It does not make you write profile text at that point – and you never have to – but that is where the profile really takes off. It asks such questions about what celebrity you resemble, what you like to do around your city, and who you would “do lunch” with if you could. Naturally, there are the generic “tell us about yourself” fields, but the creativity of the other questions is appreciated. The profiles are laid out in a basic fashion and can get rather long if you fill out your profile entirely. It also has places for you to specify your ideal date.

The search mechanism is straight forward. It has the basic age range, location range basic sort of search. Then it has search by profile attribute as its advanced search. There is also the ability to search by who is online and by who has viewed your profile. Functional, but not exciting.

The free benefits are a little lacking. You can only create a profile and show interest in a specific member. When you upgrade, you can send both emails and instant messages. They also have video messages and a chat room, though they seem to hide these two great perks. You can also upload more photos with a paid subscription. The price per month is $19.95, and you can pay via paypal, check, credit card, or mail. Pros

  • Nice, detailed online profile.
  • Cheaper than other online sites
  • Decent search engine. Cons

  • Not very many free features.
  • Difficult to find information on features.

This site is a fair site for finding online love. It is a step up from basic, but not really by much. The profile is a great feature, but the lack of free benefits limits the amount you can find out about the site. There are a fair number of people who come up in searches, but there are no statistics that say how many people frequent the site. This makes one wonder whether or not it is worth buying a full membership. The price to upgrade is reasonable and won’t break the bank, but the question is still, “is it worth it?”

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