Don’t Worry, Be Funny

It’s good to be serious about finding your soulmate on the internet; it’s not so good to be just plain serious. It’s a proven fact (or a fact that will eventually be proven) that taking oneself too seriously causes health problems and certain death. And nobody wants to die of seriousness before finding their perfect mate! So when you create your online profile, make sure you show your lighter side.

I’ve been on many an online date with people whose profiles I’d have overlooked if not for the priceless laugh-out-loud moments provided me by their witty personal commentary. Conversely, I’ve received winks and emails from those whose profiles put me into a comatose state; I decided after waking up I best not try an actual date with those folks, lest I likewise lapse into unconsciousness during our date.

You don’t have to be Jim Carrey or Sarah Silverman (in fact, please don’t be Jim Carrey or Sarah Silverman), but make the person reading your profile smile at least once. Funny is the new sexy, and I don’t think I’m the only one with a soft spot for that special somebody who can laugh at himself, the world, and heck, sometimes even at me.

Let your sense of humor shine through. If your humor’s sarcastic, let it show. If it’s corny, wear it proudly. If it’s dorky, flaunt your dorky joke. There’s a fish out there with a similar sense of humor who will bite.

Some of us just don’t have a way with words on paper, and if you’re suffering from humorless writer’s block, have a friend you trust edit your online dating profile and make a few suggestions to make readers smile.

Life is full of seriousness, so don’t be afraid to show that you can smile through it all.


  1. I absolutely agree! A sense of humor is very important! It can be kind of hard to make a profile funny, but those who do it, definitely score some brownie points with me. Same goes with the initial email. If someone is creative or funny, I almost always respond. Oh.. but I don’t really like it when people sprinkle “lol’s” in there profile or emails. Something about the “lol” that just annoys me… I’m more of a smiley face or winky face kind of gal. 😉 Of course, if there’s the chance they may take sarcastic humor wrong, I guess you have to add something to make sure they know it’s a joke…

    By the way, Kinley, before I start flirting with you, are you a man or a woman? Oh… who cares… I like your style!

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