Filtering: Not Just For Water Anymore

For those of you who like using but don’t like having to filter through all of the unwanted emails, in today’s tip I bring you good tidings of online dating joy! now offers inbox filtering services tailored to your filtering needs! Just go into your messages and you’ll now find a tab marked ‘Filtered mail.’ Click on ‘Settings’ next to the ‘Filtered mail’ tab, and emails from users falling outside of the criteria you’ve set will be automatically transferred to the filtered mail folder. Filtering

Email filtering isn’t biased or cruel; it’s just common sense. We’ve been in the dating world long enough to know what overall qualities mesh with our individual systems of belief and personality quirks, and we prefer to identify users with those qualities in an efficient manner.

So if we’re completely set on, for example, a non-smoking individual who lives nearby and doesn’t want children, we’ve spent a sizable percentage of our online time reading emails from users whose profiles boast an affinity for cigarettes, several dozen children, and who live in some small town 80 miles away we’ve never heard of and aren’t entirely sure even exists.

Now, with the opportunity to eliminate those emails before they even enter your line of sight, you can rest assured the emails coming through are from those who meet your basic criteria. Then you can look more closely at the senders’ profiles to identify those to whom you are also attracted and with whom you’d like a date!

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