FriendFinder Review


FriendFinder is one of bigger online dating sites, boasting over 1.4 million active members on its site. The main site has limited niche group involvement, but there is one click access to the other niche sites under the FriendFinder umbrella if you’re looking for a specific demographic to date. The site design is a bit busy with things stuffed together on one page and it takes some studying to understand what everything actually is. Even when you do figure it out, it is still too much on one page and I wish they did some streamlining to their site to make it easier to navigate.

The FriendFinder profile is nothing special to look at. It is really just a picture and text boxes. The questions asked are not thought provoking ones, but are generic “tell us about yourself” types of questions. The basic stuff (hair, weight, eyes, etc.) are the only things that are covered in any depth. Again, the profile suffers from too much info jammed onto one page. However, it is fully functional as you can send email, upload photos, send flowers, send bling, and read the profile all from the same page.

The search function is interesting in that you can only do a basic search as a non paying member. In order to search by more specific terms, you must pay to upgrade. Even then, though, there is nothing really special or creative about the search function. You can see who’s online now and who is new in your area, but that is about it. The search engine is one of the least busy pages on the whole site, though, and that is a good thing.

There are virtually no free benefits. You can create a profile and perform a basic search. FriendFinder has a tiered paid membership scheme. You can become a silver member for $22.99 per month. This allows you to view and contact members, get higher placement in searches, contact new members, and obtain partial access to blogs, magazines, etc. To become a gold member, you have to shell out $34.99 per month. This give you all the benefits of a silver member plus placement at the top of all searches, full access to magazines and blogs, and access to members’ instant messaging nicknames. Full access to introduction videos and customer support are also included.

FriendFinder Pros

  • Large, popular site
  • Tiered paid membership
  • Niche sites for different demographics.

FriendFinder Cons

  • Busy site design.
  • Very few free benefits.

FriendFinder is not a bad site. It is a little difficult to navigate at first, but you get used to it in time. It is chock full of features, but you need to be a paying member to access most of that. That’s understandable, but to hold back the advanced search functions is not very cool. It is nice that they have a tiered payment plan so that you can determine how much you want to spend, but the prices are high. You would expect the silver package to be a bit more reasonable. Still, it is comparable to other sites.

FriendFinder could easily be a first stop site in the online dating world. It has a lot of features, a lot of members, and is comparably priced. I’d recommend you take a look but with the caveats mentioned above.

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