Has Online Dating Killed Old Fashioned Romance?

What do you think of as romance? Knights in shining armor rescuing long haired beauties from their towers? Star crossed lovers meeting eyes across a battle field? Or maybe a young girl dropping her books in front of a handsome student? Well, in the real world, sadly things don’t usually work out quite so rosy. That knight was probably married, a bullet would have shot down the soldier and the student would turn out to be a pervy teacher!

The most romantic man that I have ever met was an Italian stallion, Sebastiano who I worked with in Rome when I took a summer internship as a student. He would walk me through his family’s vinyards, cook me magnificent candlelit meals and massage my feet as soon as I sat down. Unfortunately I soon came to realize that Sebastiano was also wooing Sarah, Jackie, and Lisa as well!

Of course romance is exciting and flattering. However now that we can all talk about relationships, sex and emotions without having to hide them, we have the opportunity to go about romance in a much more realistic, authentic and genuine way.

As a working city girl I find it hard to have the energy to socialize after a busy day. There is nothing more that I enjoy doing after work than ordering a Chinese takeout and logging into my Plenty of Fish account to see if I have received a flirty message or two.

With smartphones, social networking sites and chat-rooms, there are now countless ways to meet people online, but where is the romance? Is a Facebook poke or a Skype nudge really enough to get your pulse racing?

To answer the title of my post, even if it may seem sad or pathetic to those of you who are still clinging onto 20th century thinking, the answer would be yes! Online dating has killed old fashioned romance. People don’t have the time or naivety anymore to succumb to traditional romance, and online gestures really can add a modern twist to the dating game.

For the modern online dater, there is just as much excitement on getting a friend request or email from a person that you are attracted to, as noticing them in a bar. In fact chatting with someone online can really act as quite the aphrodisiac.

Online dating as a prelude to a real date and the suspense and apprehension that builds before you even meet an online crush can really make your first encounter electric! Knowing personal details about each other beforehand can actually make your meeting much more romantic. I have been on dates where the man has already known what flowers I love or what chocolates I can’t resist!

Weirdly enough, online dating actually seems to have resurrected traditional dating methods. Research has shown that men usually make the first move on dating sites, as women will often send a flirty nudge or signal.

As long as you remember the wonders of physical contact, body language and that incredible, indescribable chemistry that you can only experience in real life, online dating is a great way to start off a new romance!

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