How Can I Transfer My Online Romance To The Phone?

So you’ve been chatting to someone online for a while. Your heart flutters when their name appears online and you have been getting on great. However transferring your text chat conversations to actual over the phone communication can be completely nerve racking, yet potentially the start of the next stage of your online dating relationship.

You will have both become used to communicating online as it is safe and protected from any of the natural blips that occur in the real world. There is only a few ways you can humiliate yourself if you can think it over before you type, without seeing or hearing the other persons’ natural reactions! You may have even become a little TOO comfortable with talking online.

The phone is far more intimate. What if you run out of conversation? Will they laugh at your jokes? What if there are awkward overlaps? Remember that despite the nerves and perils, real life relationships are much more exciting, and talking over the phone is the first step.

Girl on Cell Phone

If you have been in the dating game for as long as I have, then you will be aware that there are certain rules (however stupid they may be) around calling. How often and when you call someone that you are interested in is vital in giving the right or wrong impression. You don’t want appear too keen, yet you don’t want to seem like you don’t care. Oh the tortures of the single mind games!

The good news is that many people who are looking for a relationship online are actually sick of these ridiculous shenanigans. It is more than likely that if you are getting on and there is a flirtatious vibe, then the other person will want to get to know you better over the phone.

Before you call your online crush, make sure to get to know them well enough on the dating site you are on, so that you can figure out their sense of humor and interests. This will make it a lot easier to chat over the phone and will prevent those dreaded silences.

If they have already given you their number, then you are already over the first hurdle. Or, if you both met on a dating sites like eHarmony and then you can use their premium voice chat features. As chatting online gives you time to think, they obviously want you to call them. Make sure to let them know when to expect your call. This will enable you to chat when they are not stuck in the middle of doing something else. Don’t hide the fact that you are excited to speak to them. This will build up the good, positive vibes between you and make it more comfortable when you do speak.

When you make the call, a good idea to keep you relaxed is to make yourself a check list of subjects to talk about. Include things that you have already discussed together to create instant familiarity. As long as you are aware that the other person is probably just as nervous as you are and you keep the conversation light and fun, you can enjoy taking your online relationship to the next level.

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