How Do I Create An Appealing Online Profile?

The profile that you create on an online dating site is essentially an advertisement for yourself. It is your one and only chance to project yourself in the way that you want, and to attract the kind of people that you are looking for. The importance of your personal profile cannot be underestimated and if you do it well then it could determine the difference between you meeting the love of your life or eating meals alone in front of the TV for the rest of your days.

Firstly before writing anything, remember that the purpose of meeting people online is (usually) to eventually meet them in the real world. Therefore you need to give a realistic impression of yourself so that the person does not get the wrong idea of who you are. It can be all too tempting to exaggerate and elaborate when creating your online alter ego, ‘I was a first league footballer’ when in fact you haven’t played since 4th grade.

This is especially true when using a site like eHarmony or where your profile answers directly affect who you get matched up with. Remember that if you are looking for a genuine relationship then you will want the person to love you for the real you!

Think of your online profile as your resume, the first date as your interview. Really sell yourself on your profile or you won’t even get to the stage of a date. You are going to have to cram as many details about yourself as you possibly can in the smallest space so it can be pretty tricky. Give enough information to intrigue readers but don’t overload them with facts that will just make them yawn. It is highly unlikely that anyone will be interested in the fact that you drive a blue Chrysler. However if your passion is racing cars then that is something very relevant to who you are. Pick and choose what makes you interesting and unique.

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Even if you are desperate to meet someone and the thought of yet another failed date makes you sick to the stomach, do not give this impression on your profile. A whiny person who is clearly feeling sorry for themselves is not going to attract anyone. Be positive and light-hearted. Of course we all have our emotional baggage and complaints about life, but leave these details out until you know someone a bit better.

Little subtle jokes within your profile can be endearing and show that you are open and fun. Making fun of yourself is a great way of revealing your personality and showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you find something funny, then the type of person that you’re looking for probably will too. Try cute comments like, ‘I can be spontaneous, if I have enough time to prepare for it’ or ‘I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure’.

Create a Word document and read through your profile a couple of times and making edits to get it just right. Keep it simple and refrain from using insanely impressive words (from a thesaurus) as they actually won’t impress anyone and will make you look pretentious.

With a better online profile, you should see the quality of your responses increase. So take the time, and do a good job!

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