How To Spot A Fake

People are fooled by scammers every day online and you’ll definitely encounter many unsavory characters when online dating. While scammers are more prevalent on free dating sites like Plenty of Fish, even sites like eHarmony have their share of scammers as well. These con-artists are getting more and more sophisticated, so believe me even the smartest of us can be fooled!

Believe it or not, there are actually people who take great pleasure in going into dating chat-rooms and crashing people’s computers with viruses and spam emails. Yes this may sound sad and pathetic, but some people have pretty warped senses of humor and are insanely bored! Before you even type ‘hey’ to a prospective cyber friend, ensure that your computer is totally protected against viruses and spam. You can do this by downloading or installing anti-virus software. Make sure that it is up to date and you will be protected from any malware running on your computer

A good clue that someone may be fishy is if they try and move your communications away from the dating site as soon as possible and onto emails. This could be due to the fact that they are worried of the dating site monitoring their strange email patterns and deleting their profile. Insist that you speak on the dating site for a few weeks before you transfer to emails. A scammer will most likely disappear pretty soon once you make this clear. If you receive a message that requests that you reply through email and not on the site, then immediately delete it. This is probably spam or a fake account, so however hot the person may be in the profile picture resist the temptation because it’s almost certainly not them!

Now here’s a tricky one. Of course you want to be approached by people online, however be aware that scammers are almost always the ones that start the conversations. Of course most people genuinely want to chat to you, so you have to keep your eyes open for clues of insincerity. Look out for inconsistencies in the conversation flow such as changes in the writing style, repetition or incoherence from the last time you spoke. If for example someone asks you the same questions and has no recollection of things that you have already discussed, then they could either be suffering from severe amnesia or more likely they are actually not the person who you chatted to before. Con artists often work in groups and actually run illegal networks. Blond, petite Kylie from Nebraska could easily be 6’4″ Kosoko from Nigeria.

Another issue that you will be faced with in the online dating world is how to avoid married people. The Internet has become the best way for people to have affairs behind their spouse’s backs. There is little chance that their oblivious partner will ever find out, as you would not have any connection to their lives. Many of the bored people trapped in stale marriages see online dating as a great way of spicing up their lives. If you are looking for something genuine however, then you do not want to fall into the arms of a married person.

So without even being able to see if they are typing whilst wearing a wedding ring, how can you know if someone is married? Well there are some signs which should really get your alarm bells ringing. If someone asks for your number but will not give you theirs, if they call you at specific times or only call you late at night then these may be signs that you are getting involved with a married person.

Check out tomorrow’s post to get more details on how to spot a married person online….

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