How To Spot A Married Online Dater

American statistics have shown that 22% of married men have had an extra marital affair at least once in their lives. Surprisingly women are not that much better with over 14% having strayed from their husbands. Count in all the thousands who were not surveyed or would not admit it, and we have a pretty high number of dishonest love rats!

The Internet provides the perfect opportunity for people to canoodle and communicate with people in secret whilst being in no danger of their partners finding out. In fact there are even websites that are purely designed for illicit encounters, actually promoting extra maritial affairs!

As much as this might all be swell for the people trying to find an escape from their dull and boring marriages, if you are looking to form a real, genuine relationship with someone online, then you need to be able to spot the signs of a married online dater. Follow these tips and you can swat them off faster than they can say Monica Lewinsky….

One major clue that someone may be married is if they ask for your phone number but will refuse to give you theirs. This is a strong suggestion that they are worried that you may call them when they are around their spouse. If a single person agrees to speak to you over the phone then they will most probably be more than happy to give you their digits too.

Man holding cellphone

If your online lover is calling you at strange times (either late at night or at specific time slots during the day), then there may be a partner that they are trying to avoid. A single person will call you any time and will not have a strict regime of when you can speak as they won’t be hiding from anyone!

A person that doesn’t have a picture on their profile could also be pretty suspicious. A married person will not want their photo projected across the Internet for the worry that someone that they know might see it. If they offer to send you their photo only by email then get the cheater alarm bells ringing.

Do they put off meeting you over and over again or do not stick to plans you have? Do they not talk much about their personal life but are always asking questions about you? Well these are all strong signs that they may actually be married. Of course there are always the people who will make up a whole single life to entice you into the arms of their alter ego.

My main advise is to use your gut instincts. Too many times, people ignore what their intuition is screaming out to them and choose to lap up the lies that they are fed.

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