Is Online Dating Really Safe?

Nowadays people shop, do their banking and make friends online, so it is only natural that people are now finding their soul mates online as well. There are some great dating sites around where genuine and sincere people are looking for a relationship just like you. Millions of people find love online every year, and as long as you take the necessary measures, there is no reason why you can’t too.

Unfortunately online dating sites are also home to many predators who are either out to get your money or to live out their sick and warped fantasies. The good news is that reputable dating sites are now screening for sex offenders. They also monitor messages and chats so that they can notice any shifty behaviors. Maybe a user is speaking to an abnormal amount of people at once, or sending links to spam sites.

Avoid Spammers

The good dating sites will be able to pick up on this quickly and give that person the boot. Plenty of Fish for example has a form where you can contact them and report scammers and spammers.

Another way of staying safe online is to protect your privacy. Think of online dating just as you would regular dating. Would you walk into a bar with your address and phone number written on your forehead? I think not. So make sure to keep your personal contact details private and certainly don’t post them on your profile!

The best dating sites even enable you to email people whilst concealing your email address. This is great way of building up trust before revealing your details. Alternatively a good idea is to set up a completely separate email account which you can just use for your online dating needs. You can use a different name and without the details of your address when signing up, so you can be completely secure that someone that you are conversing with will not have any access to your details. Also don’t use your full name or location in your user-name e.g: HannahTaylorAustin or JohnSmithBrooklyn.

Only give your phone number to someone once you have got to know them. Many sites offer web cam capabilities which are a great way of chatting to someone and finding out what they are really like before meeting up with them in person. By getting to know someone online, you will find that if you finally meet in real life, that you will have more to talk about than any random date that you may have had with someone that you drunkenly met in a dark lit bar.

Will people not think that I am uptight and paranoid? This thought has crossed my mind when I have refused to give my phone number to a guy that I am chatting to online. I am normally a really laid back person, so I have felt like I am giving off the wrong impression of myself. Well the truth is if someone can’t understand my apprehensions about giving out my details then they probably aren’t worth knowing!


  1. I think this is not paranoid thinking but reality. The same bastards are online who are offline. Still online dating is safer than offline dating unless you share your address or phone with suspicious people.

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