Looking For Some Online Dating Tips?

Online dating? Been there, done that. Still doing it. And after navigating my way through the social stigma of online dating (you know what I mean…. “We met, um, through my brother’s wife’s pet parakeet’s second cousin’s ex-husband, but NOT on the internet. No way. Not there.”) and past a few classic pitfalls (“You look nothing like your picture, you’re not actually a male, and you don’t speak English. Huh. I didn’t see this coming.”), I can look you straight in the eye (or I could, if I could actually see my readers) and tell you online dating can actually be a good way to meet a partner.

But if the negative stigma attached to the term “online dating” still makes you feel funny, then simply change the term (just think how innocuous P. Diddy looked after shedding Puff Daddy from his moniker). After all, “online dating” isn’t the most accurate designation unless you’re actually having the date online. You, on the other hand, are instead simply making good use of the internet to identify the eligible men/women in your geographic area, and then using some simple savvy search tools (with which I’ll arm you in the posts that follow) to weed out the options that you sense might not bloom into a relationship with you.

In other words, you’re not online dating, you’re Tapping the Internet’s Potential to facilitate your search for a good partner. So we’re going to call this TIP-ing, and I’m going to throw some TIPs your way, because everybody likes a good TIP-er.

So keep an eye out for your weekly online dating TIP. I hope it maximizes your enjoyment as you navigate the world formerly known as online dating.

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