Review is one of the “big dogs” in the online dating market. Since its inception in 1995, has been the largest singles dating site on the internet. The site boasts millions of singles and serves over twenty four countries. It also targets a wide variety of niche groups, such as Christians, Jewish people, African-Americans, and many others. It is laid out in an easy to use manner with a simple color palette. It is welcoming with very clear instructions on how to proceed with setting up your profile. Review - Profile Profile

Your profile can be as detailed as you want it to be. In addition to asking for things like favorite movies, religion, and appearance, it also asks about things like birth order, favorite comedian, and favorite charity. It allows for up to twenty-five photos and you can customize just about every question field you can answer. For example, if you want to explain your religious beliefs, there is an optional box you can check for that. On the downside, you are mandated to put two hundred characters in your main profile space which can be sometimes difficult for those who have trouble writing an online dating profile.

Finding Your Match

The main search mechanism of is straight forward. It asks for location and distance, then sends you to the profiles. In addition, you may continue to customize your search as you bring up matches to narrow your field. They have two other search mechanisms. One is “mutual match” which helps find people who match your ideal date as outlined in your profile. The other is “reverse match” that shows you people who are looking for someone like you. Review - Mutual Match

Other Features also features some its own unique technology to better help you find good matches.

Daily Matches – Uses’s proprietary matching technology to present the best matches to you. You can then mark the matches that “spark your interest” and the ones that don’t. The more matches you rate, the better the system gets at picking people you will like. Review - Daily Matches

Like At First Sight – Like other dating sites, has its own set of fun quizzes to take. You’re shown a group of pictures and a question, and asked to pick the picture that makes the best first impression on you. This is another way to improve the algorithm to show you better matches in the future.

If you have a few minutes, watch this review video I did, where you can get a closer look at what’s inside the site. Pricing

Free members can create a profile, conduct searches, and send “winks” to people to let them know your are interested. For $34.99 per month, you can contact singles, use instant messaging, use email, remove profiles from your view, and see who has viewed your profile. If you sign up for more than one month, the price per month is less. For instance, six months of membership is only $17.99 per month. also has a six month guarantee that you will find someone in six months or you get six months free. That’s a company that really believes in it’s service. Pros

  • Large community
  • Multiple ways to search
  • Six month guarantee Cons

  • Cannot respond to emails as a free member Recommendation is the largest dating service on the internet and there are many matches to choose from. It is one of the best places to start looking for matches and I know of a handful of my friends who have found some great matches on the site. The six month guarantee is also a nice feature and alleviates the doubts you may have about joining a site like this. If you are looking for the premier online dating site of the internet, is it.


  1. I have used several dating websites after my long term marriage ended. I thought that was the best avenue to meet someone special since I do not do the club or bar scene. I met several nice men off of, but there were several men that basically wanted one thing right off the bat. It was hard to weed out who was serious about getting to know someone or who just wanted a one night stand…Needless to say, absolutely no one not stands allowed!! I did meet a man from E-harmony. They had a very in-depth questionaire that you fill out and I thought this would be the way to go since it paired you up with people of like personalities. Safe enough…right? Well, after dating for several months we were married. I learned very quickly into this relationship that this man that I married had been on sex dating websites the whole time we were married. He told me I was his second wife when we got married. He had adult children from his first wife. Well, beware that not ALL profiles are truthful and no one is following up on these profiles. Anyone can write anything they want to make you go out with them I suppose. I am a trusting person, so it was a shock that EVERYTHING that this man had put in his profile was a lie….I was his 5th wife…yes he is now with spouse number six. I found this out from his mother 3 months before our divorce was final. This man was bisexual and took both men and women home and was dating three different women from different cities the whole time we were married. One called at 4:45 in the morning because he forgot and left his cell in his pocket instead of locked in his car where he usually kept it. He had 10 different jobs the entire 2 1/2 years we were married because he either couldn’t hold a job or didn’t want to work. His aim was for his wife to support him while he played the field. At the end of this relationship, this man would hold a pillow over my head or hit me during “intimate” relations. His goal was to choke you until you passed out. He also threw me into a wall trying to throw me down the stairs. Dating sites are great ways to meet people, and I am positive that there are good people out there. I won’t lose that hope, otherwise I would just give up. Just be wise about who you are with, and listen to insticts. This goes for women and men. I wish everyone good luck in finding that special someone. 🙂

  2. is amazing! I joined on a trial basis and found many great guys. I went on 3 dates with amazing men but unfortunately there just wasn’t a spark. The fourth date I went on was the best date of my life! The moment I opened my front door and met my fiance face to face, I knew I was in love. If everyone is honest there is no reason the entire experience will be anything but fantastic. I found my true love, and had a great experience doing it. I have no negative’s about and have recommended it to many friends. I have 3 close friends that are in serious relationships with people they met on Match after they saw my success. Highly recommended experience!

  3. Thanks for everyone’s opinion. I’m recently divorced, in my late 30’s and haven’t been out on a date since my early 20’s and I find myself feeling very awkward about getting back out there. I thought that starting online would help me to move at a pace that’s more comfortable to me. I’m going to give Match a try and hopefully something good will come of it, I’m not expecting miracles but if I only get a little kick start to help me get back out there it will have been worth the money.

    PS. How Kinley is still single is mystery to me….from what I can tell she’s got beauty and brains, I don’t think she will have a long wait to meet Mr. Right.

  4. I have been on and off of for a couple of years. Met some really nice people. My only concern is the people that wink at me from states that are half way across the country. I read their profile and they leave an e-mail address if they want me to respond. I never respond because i don’t know if this person is playing games or just wants to send me a virus. Any advice?

  5. I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been thinking about trying it, since I figure people on a paying site would be more inclined to be serious about meeting or finding someone as putonghua suggested in a previous post. I’ve been on Okcupid for a while and haven’t been satisfied with it. I’m wondering if some dating sites are just more popular in certain areas. Because most of the people on there aren’t local for me. They all seem to be in L.A., which is 30 miles away from me. I also think most of the people on there are there just for the social aspect or are just curious and browsing only, or only want to hook up. Most profiles are extremely vague, and if they do have something written out, they are usually very negative. They don’t go on at all in depth what they are like, personality wise. If they aren’t negative, then they only list unimportant activities they are into. And I find, a lot don’t even bother to answer the questions. Plus with the matching system, I have many doubts with it. A lot of the questions seem pretty unimportant, especially if they are created by the users and aren’t phrased very well.

    Also, I’ve read a lot of comments on many dating site reviews. And it’s so amazing for me to see how different the dating mentality of men is compared to women, or how different the dating world is for different types of people, like gay/ lesbian people compared to straight people. The most common complaint I’ve seen straight men make is how they think women are waiting for Mr. Perfect. Well, since I’m a woman, I can confidently say, it’s not really to that magnitude at all. Women just have learned to be very picky. And they have every right to be very selective because of the nightmare relationships or dates they may have dealt with in the past. I’ve noticed men aren’t as picky with their constant fishing emails they send out to countless women. For women, it’s not a numbers game like it is for men. For us, it’s about finding that one right person. And since I’m a lesbian, I know how tough that can be on both sides of the fence. There isn’t countless emails getting sent on either side, either because there’s too much shyness, or there’s too much screening going on, if that’s even possible with all the vagueness in most of the profiles.

  6. It’s just like every other dating website, it matches you with singles that are your age based on the criteria which you choose. Of all the useless dating websites I have been a member on, this one by far has the most features and is the best. But all in all, it’s no different, unless you know how to just knock the socks of a woman in writing style, you’re just one guy and one message. Chances are if you aren’t at least 6’0 and incredibly handsome your messages will be ignored. As the previous member David wrote, women always get more messages then men, so they end up waiting for Mr. Perfect only to find out he does not exist. It’s no different on With that being said, does by far have the most number of profiles to view and your chances are higher.

    ALWAYS FACTOR IN THE FOLLOWING: Based upon where you live in the United States (or world) and your personality based on your geographical location will be huge. For instance, I live about 10 miles west of Washington DC in one of the wealthiest areas of the United States. That right there coupled with being a little vertically challenged, and blue collar eliminates most of who will give me a chance based on my occupation, even though I make a quality living. I don’t drive a Lexus, I don’t own a home yet, I am not a Doctor, Professional Athlete, Lawyer or Politician. I was not born in this area and do not have an interest in Politics, and Government. So if you are a fish out of water looking to meet new people, I would recommend

    I would recommend this website as the #1 Dating website. I have been a member of, eHarmony, Plentyoffish, Zoosk, and OkCupid. This one is the best. Join if you want to give online dating a try

  7. In my opinion i feel in not worth joining . The reason being if your a paying member and you email a non paying member forget it they will never know who sent it or be able to reply, and the percentage of non paying members on is 90 percent so chances are slim to none. If they would allow a non paying member to reply to an email a paying member sent then the site would be great, but greed takes over on this matter. They hope when a none paying member see a hint that someone emailed them that they run for the credit card and become a paying member and most wont do that because its a chance that they wont be interested or the person is many miles away. I also feel plants fake members to any member on the site always saying somebody emailed you only to see they are 5 states away . I picked up on this strick by watching the whos viewed me counter , i will get a email saying somebody on emailed me pay to view, but watch your whos viewed me counter it at times doesnt go up in count but get all these new emails now how can somebody be interested in your profile if they dont view it! Its a frustration on that site!

  8. the paid members are in green …and if you think your looking at old members just choose recently on line members …the only problem i see is the girls get 50 letters a day they think they can have anyone,so there wating for the movie star … i have see the same girls on here for years..the big head problem…

  9. putonghua73 says

    Post-script: I cancelled my subscription to Dating Direct last November because I felt online dating was no longer healthy, and wanted a break for a few months to spend more time on other areas in my life.

    Fast forward to Februrary 2012, and I now feel that I am in the right head-space and place in my life to begin dating. More importantly, dating is not the be all and end all; nor will online dating be my only option as I’m focusing more on my Chinese – especially Chinese social groups (

    I set-up a dummy username and disposable email address to test my previous favourites – Dating Direct and – using the following criteria:
    1. Age range: 28-44 (my real age range is 33-44)
    2. Distance: 30 miles from Central London maximum
    3. Photo
    4. Last logged in within 1 month

    Dating Direct: c123 profiles c223 profiles

    As of Thursday 9th February 2012.

    I was staggered by the results because my filters were quite loose, and in the space of 6 months, the number of profiles have plummtted off a cliff. Last year, if I ran the same filters (my normal ones are stricter), then I would expect over 40 pages of profiles. Now? Approx 7-11 pages.

    I can only conclude that both Dating Direct and have lost custom to the proliferation of free sites and/or other rival premium sites.

    This time round, sometime later this month, I’ll probably try PoF (please God, no! This from an atheist! 😉 or OkCupid, simply because I do not feel that the premium sites can justify the cost for the service that they provide.


  10. I agree with Mike and Katie about I tried it about 5 years ago and found many old profiles on there. I would find a profile for a woman I was interested in and check the last time she was online. If it said “online in the last 72 hours” or “online in the last week” I would send her a message. The next day I would check the same woman’s profile and it would say “online in more than 3 months”. I guess Match was waiting for me to send a message before telling me that the woman was long gone from the site.

    Now that OK Cupid and PoF are popular and Match has such bad reviews, one would hope they have improved their system

  11. I am considering a account and a account. I’m just not sure about either one because after reading these comments, I only have a few girls on the site that I even would consider dating, and who knows if they even have paid accounts?!

    The website says I have two messages already from active users, and I am curious to see what they are, but are they even real? I don’t know… it’s really only 35 bucks, but I’m not rich, you know?

  12. and PoF have excellent search engines that cover large geographic areas. I’m looking for one special woman with similar hobbies and lifestyle, and I’m willing to travel and move should we become friends. OKCupid’s social/lifestyle preference matching is the best as long as the individual answers how they truly feel, rather than what they think would be more attractive (True for all sites, BTW). Only major issue with OKC is their search engine is primitive for defining distinct searches, like 5′, Jewish, college degree, anywhere USA. It returns only a small portion of the US and loses your setting from search to search. Too time consuming and frustrating!

  13. I am very disappointed with After 6 months of following all the rules to maintain an active profile, my profile has red warning signs that it is not visible and I have voided my guarantee… funny thing that while they are telling me its hidden, I log into match on another device and it says available…I even continue tho get winks and new “who viewed you” updated every few minutes!….. I cannot get anyone to email me or return my requests for an investigation. Hoping someone will listen.

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m not really clear about what has happened to your account. But I would file a support ticket with them to see what’s going on. I’ve always found the support people to be generally responsive so they should be able to help you out.

  14. I too experienced everything that has already been mentioned about I also found a lot of duplicate profiles. Same person, different user name and match criteria. I also saw a couple of profiles from another dating site from YEARS ago, with the same photos… Their reverse and mutual matching just plain doesn’t work. I got a lot of questionable winks and IM’s from out of state members. The software is incredibly glitchy.

    I have discussed this with several other people, we feel there are a lot of fake profiles there to make appear larger and more active than it really is. If you are a free member, they will tell you people are trying to contact you. They will withhold who it is until you agree to subscribe. Then it is an out of state member who has an “unavailable profile”.

    Buyer beware…

  15. Based on my limited use of online dating sites, I find to be a useful tool. I have not had the problems people complain about (old pics, lies about various topics, etc.). I find the large selection of participants in my area (Phoenix metro) to be a real positive.

    Like TOMINPA and putonghua73 (see comments above) the response rate to my queries isn’t very high. I don’t understand why people don’t bother to respond to e-mail queries. It only takes an instant to say: “No Thanks”. Why subscribe to a site like and not respond at all when contacted?

    Best of luck to everyone.

  16. is not a honest website because it automatically charges you when your membership due. I bought a 3mth membership and I thought my membership would expire automatically but it is not the case. I am charged automatically after 3 mths which really sucks. Now I am trying to get my money back.

    • Hi Joann. Sorry to hear about your problems with but this is pretty typical of any site that uses the online subscription model. 99% of them are automatic renewal and you typically need to cancel yourself membership manually. If you read’s Terms of Use, it’s spelled out in there, so you probably don’t have much recourse unless their support is nice enough to offer you a refund. Hope you get it though!

  17. I find the non-subscriber issue frustrating as well. Also will send me “Daily Matches”. When I note an interesting person, I’ll search his username vs. just reading the snapshot. Very often I get a message:”Oops, the profile you are searching for is not available”. Well, why did send me the profile? Not a member? Hidden profile? I know that many online sites post fake profiles which they claim is a marketing tool.

    One thing I like about OKCupid is they post the last time a member logged on. So if I see a profile in Quick search it will tell me the last time he logged on was 2009 and I won’t bother sending a message. However OKCupid has sent “Quiver Matches” of guys who haven’t been on-line in years. But at least the date is there, unlike Match will say “on-line now”, that just means someone is using their computer. I’ve also suspected that Match holds back some messages right around the date my subscription might expire. Once the renewal kicks in I’ll get 5 messages. And I can tell by information in the message that it was written a few days before. Just have to be aware that it’s in their interest to keep you a member as long as possible.

  18. Dec. 31 2010 I finally meet my future wife face to face from We are to be married this coming October 22. works – you get what you give!

    • Thanks for letting us know Brian! I’m glad that was able to help you find your special someone. Wish you both the best!

  19. putonghua73 says

    I have used Match sproadically on/off (more off given 3 and a half years in two separate relationships that became long distance re: commute from UK to Japan / China) since 2004.

    I have used a few other dating websites – Village Voice, Yahoo, Gumtree, ChineseFriendFinder (horrid!), PoF (horrid!) to name but a few – yet I always return to Match.

    I agree with Tom that Match over the years, is extracting more than its pound of flesh, and is reducing access to non-subscribers. A few years ago, non-subscribers could read email – now, only available to subscribers.

    That said, whilst I agree that it is an irritant that Match doesn’t indicate who is/isn’t a subscriber (to avoid wasting one’s time emailing), I generally haven’t found the whole non-subscriber thing to be much of an issue. I’m generally hitting the 1/3 response rate – if not, the heady hights of 1/2 (50%). Unusually, this time around, my response rate beyond the initial reply is hovering at 10%.

    So why do I subscribe to Quite simply, it’s a combination of sheer number of people available (it boils down to a numbers game re: 1/3 of people will respond), functionality, and people who subscribe are generally more serious about meeting someone.

    I’ve used (in the loosest sense of the term) PoF twice – probably 6 weeks total, and found the site to be a complete waste of time. Sending comparatively the same number of messages, to the same demographic (Chinese / Japanese), I am an absolute ZERO, niente, nada, nothing, a big, fat zilch for replies; whereas, with Match, I’m in the 33%-50% range.

    As much as I would like to find alternatives to Match (counting down 2 years until I emigrate to Asia-Pacific region), none of the other (UK) websites come close for me.

    Note: your mileage may vary.



    Match is a slick, well designed website with features that I feel are second to none. However, it has one drawback that offsets all that good, and then some.

    My problem with Match is that the majority of profiles on the site are profiles of non-paying members. A non-paying member is worthless to a Match subscriber, because a non-paying member can neither read nor reply to subscribers’ e-mails. I would have much less a problem with Match if non-subscribers were listed as such, but there is no way of knowing, when looking at profiles, which are profiles of viable, contactable singles and which are merely useless photos. Not only is the number of useless profiles misleading to someone considering joining Match, it is frustrating to the active, paying subscriber who sends a message to a potential “new squeeze” only to find that it has never been read, which leaves the subscriber to wonder it the recipient was just not interested or if the recepient was not a recipient at all because he/she was not a paid subscriber.

    As I see it, anyone who is inactive for over three days is most likely a non-subscriber; after all, who would subscribe to a singles’ service and then ignore it for days at a time? Of those more current–active within three days or twenty-four hours–members, I would bet that half are non-subscribers just cruising the site. Bottom line: Of the 606 profiles that came up under my search criteria, when I apply the logic above, I would estimate that only 98 of those 600 were active, contactable members–about one in six.

    Don’t get me wrong; Match is a big site, but, as long as it does not allow non-subscribers to read and respond to e-mails directed to them, it is 5/6’s useless, as I see it. Singlesnet, for what it is worth, is a crappy site with stone age filters and features, but it has one big, BIG advantage over Match, that being that if a subscriber contacts a non-subscriber, that non-subscriber can read the message and reply to it. I don’t know the numbers, but, to pull some out of my hat, if Singlesnet is only one-third as large as Match in number of profiles, it is still over twice as large in number of people who can respond to a member’s e-mail messages.

    Also, you might want to look into Plenty of Fish. PoF offers all the frustrations of internet dating, but at least it’s free to suffer them.

  21. I agree with Jerrai except I just wish they would let you know who is an active paid member and who is not. Even as a paid member you do not know. I’ve tracked that site over the years since I still get emails from them. Most of the profiles have been there forever and you are just wasting your time and money trying to talk to them. If someone hasn’t been there for months or years they will list the status as simply “over three weeks”. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they use your profile in advertisements. For example, that obnoxious gossip site Topix. The little ad box for Match will use profiles from the area of the Topix user. Not so bad if you are from a big city. But who wants the entire town to know you are using a dating site? Or at least the gossiping busy bodies to know? Or even want people who use that type of site to hit you up?

  22. Jerrai Juel says

    The biggest issue I have with is the fact that after your membership expires they continue to post your profile. I still get emails telling me that women are interested in meeting me. These women are unaware that they can’t get an answer back. I believe this deception is for keeping the number of potential contacts up. A person trying to reach someone only gets disappointed waiting for replies. They need to keep former members out of the system to eliminate this.

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