My Worst First Date

When I first started venturing into the world of online dating, I had a lot of awful experiences. I found that my dates were often what I had expected, or who they had portrayed themselves to be. There was one instance, one first date, which by far exceeded the rest. It was the single worst night of my entire life.

We had been chatting online for a month or so on Plenty of Fish, and I had become really excited to meet him. It sounded like we had a lot in common, and I was looking for someone to have fun with without any serious expectations. When the time came for our first date however, it was nothing like I had hoped or expected. I blame this on my naiveté having only gone on a few dates with people I had met online previously.

Bad First Date

For starters, it was on a Wednesday night because he worked nights at a shipping warehouse. It was his one night off, so that’s when our schedules permitted to meet. Not wanting to come off as the control-freak that I am, I let him pick the venue. Much to my disappointed surprise, he chose a bar that offers karaoke on Wednesday nights.

I saw him at the bar, only recognizable by the jacket he was wearing. He wore it in many of his profile photos. Immediately on seeing him, I became aware that he had Photoshopped many of his photos. In opposition of his profile photos; his teeth were yellow, his skin covered in blemishes and even a few wrinkles. He was obviously not 25 as he had said; he looked closer to mid-thirties. As soon, as he spoke, it was obvious he was a “bro”. You know what I mean? Someone who never emotionally moved out of his fraternity. The worst part: he was surrounded by a group of his “buddies” that happened to congregate there every week.

He offered me a stool beside him at the bar, and I could tell he had been there awhile drinking profusely. This was evident by the smell of liquor that almost knocked me off my stool. We made a little bit of polite conversation before he completely lost interest in me and became focused in his “boys” as they each took turns singing obnoxious 80’s hair metal songs. After about an hour, I was alone at the bar and he was doing shots with his friends. I took this opportunity to take advantage of his open bar tab, ordering drinks for myself and another girl at the bar. Like me, she had been discarded for the “boys”. We ended up getting pretty sloshed and becoming quite good friends.

Around midnight, my date returned. Much to my surprise and disgust, he threw himself at me trying to kiss me. He smelt awful and, by this point, had no right to even speak to me. The only good part of the entire date was when the bartender, a cute twenty-something guy with tattoos, defended my honor. He had witnessed the events of the evening and took it upon himself to throw my date out. I was humiliated, but some good came out of this. I made a delightful friend at the bar, and earned a free nightcap and cab ride from the gentleman behind the bar.

So that’s my worst first date story. Post your own worst dating stories in the comments and we can commiserate together.

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