Online Dating: It’s Not For Everyone – Except That It Is

George Clooney is on

Not really, but his type is.  And while we all love George Clooney, we’re probably not going to date him and turn him into the marrying type.  (Although if you do, please let me know how you did it.  A substantial financial reward is on the table.)  The fact of the matter is you’ll be presented with all types of men online.  You’re no more safe from the habitual bachelor on your computer screen than you are from the habitual bachelor at the office who’s dated all of your coworkers.

Back in prehistoric times, two years ago, I first created an online profile expecting that everybody would have the same sincere intentions as I.  I didn’t realize the guy pouring his heart out over in-depth emails was still secretly pining away after the ex-wife he’d divorced, well, yesterday.  And I wasn’t aware that the men who can access from work manage to send out an impressive 25 emails a day – to 25 different women.  Nor that there are men whose flexible work hours allow him to meet me in the morning for a cup of coffee, connect with another woman midday for lunch, chat up a third woman for happy hour, and forget my name entirely by midnight.

And while I speak from my experience as a woman, I have no doubt chronic bachelorettes haunt these sites as well.

And maybe you’re one of them, and that’s okay.

But if you’re looking online for a serious relationship, here are some suggestions to steer clear of George Clooney and make a beeline for Jake Gyllenhaal:

  1. Somewhere in his profile it should say he’s looking for/open to a relationship.  I know that sounds obvious, but we’ve all been guilty at one time or another of getting so lost in George Clooney’s eyes that we forget to look at the rest of George Clooney’s online profile.
  2. He should be somewhat settled in his life.  If he’s still finding himself, let him keep looking.
  3. He doesn’t reference his past relationships in his online profile.
  4. He doesn’t put off meeting.  Unless you’re Mother Theresa, everybody has time for a night out on the town.  If he doesn’t reserve that time for you in the first few weeks of email exchanges, he’s offering that time to somebody else.
  5. His references to partying are minimal.  His drinking status is “social drinker,” “rarely drinks,” or “never drinks,” not “drinks all night every night, while I’m emailing girls online.”

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