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Looking for your perfect match? If you haven’t yet found him or her on or, you might be tempted to try your luck with, best described as a conflation of the two sites.

As with, allows you to design your own search criteria and search freely for other members, and like eHarmony, it generates a compatibility profile based on your answers to questions in eight core areas within the “Duet® Total Compatibility System”: romantic impulsivity, personal energy, outlook, predictability, flexibility, decision making style, emotionality, and self-nurturing; it then sends you ‘perfect matches’ that fit your compatibility profile.

With a basic (translation: FREE) membership, you get to complete and review the results of your Duet® compatibility profile, receive ‘perfect matches,’ whose profiles you can view in full, search for matches, and choose from a variety of “icebreakers” to send to other members, which are pre-selected multiple choice questions that can be sent with the intent to get to know a match a bit better before taking the email plunge (which is quite the plunge considering emailing other members requires membership with a hefty price tag attached).

With a premium (translation: PAID) membership, you are granted unlimited access to other members’ profiles, and may contact other members via email correspondence. There are other “advantages” of paid membership, but pay them no attention — really, you’re paying for the opportunity to correspond with other hopefuls.

I’m going to work backwards here and start with the Cons to this particular online dating website before the Pros. Cons

  • Very Few Matches In My Geographic Area. Okay, in a perfect world, I’d quit my job and commit myself full-time to the practice of searching for a mate. However, in the real world, I’m going to need to find somebody in the same city, or at least the outskirts. This shouldn’t be hard, as I live in a big city, but found me only one perfect match in my city, and others within 100+ miles. When I set my own search criteria (for example, non-smoker, college degree), the site found only 5 matches for me, none of whom lived in or near my city, and one of which was a woman named Kim, even though I clearly stated I was a female looking for a male.

    And while it hints at allowing you access to more matches with a premium (PAID) membership, it should really be enticing you to WANT to upgrade to a premium membership by giving you a decent snapshot into the desirable members in your zipcode with whom you’ll be able to make contact once you upgrade. Nobody wants to pay for a full pint of beer without sampling the taster, and nobody wants to pay a high membership price for what appears to be < one local match.

  • You Need A Perfect Income To Pay For Perfect Matches. The website offers a membership of three months for $36.95/month, and six months for $33.33/month. Now to be fair, I’ve been spoiled by my membership, which I purchased several years back at an extremely affordable rate of $16.99/month for six months. It renews every six months at that same rate at which I initially subscribed. Comparing current prices for other paid sites, it appears that, according to this site, three months at is comparable at $39.95/month, and $29.95/month for six months, whereas wins the price war by a landslide at $19.99/month for three months, and $16.99 for six months. So perhaps if you felt investing in a membership was money well spent, you will be willing to pay a similar price at
  • Profile Setup And Format Not Conducive To Efficiency Or Productivity. Two major problems jumped out at me after I began navigating the site. First, because creating an ‘about me’ section is optional and the opportunity to create that section only comes after the pricing is revealed, many people won’t make it to that step in the process. So there are innumerable incomplete profiles floating around on that are nothing but answers to personality and compatibility questions, but missing a personalized ‘about me’ summary and pictures. Which brings me to the second major problem, which is a profile that doesn’t reveal whether a profile is active or inactive; in other words, you don’t know if the person checked his or her profile within the last 24 hours, or the last 24 years. Most other dating websites will provide information regarding the person’s activity on the site, so that you’re not waiting around for a response to an email from somebody who has long forgotten that compatibility profile they filled out six months ago.
  • Compatibility Profile May Be a Bunch of Hooey. Call me a skeptic, but I found the compatibility profile, which it claims “actually describes and explains complete personality types” to be scant and suspiciously brief. Can answering a total of six true/false questions per core ‘compatibility’ area really describe and explain my personality and those personalities with whom I’ll develop romantic chemistry? According to the website, this Duet® compatibility system “has proven to be the most sophisticated and effective than any romantic matching tool on or off the Internet,” which, besides being a grammatically incorrect statement, appears to be an unfounded assertion given the lack of research I could find on the internet supporting this tool or explaining the research methodologies used to arrive at this conclusion. Pros

  • Serious Users Encouraged. By developing a compatibility profile reminiscent of the eHarmony compatibility system, this site gives the impression that it is one of the more serious dating sites, intended for members who are really searching for a relationship as opposed to casual dating or a fling. The price, also, weeds out those who aren’t looking very seriously for a relationship, as the people looking for casual dates will more likely end up on the free dating websites. We’ve all met our share of the type who participates in the online dating game merely for sport, and is not conducive to such players. So if you’re in the dating game looking to win someone’s heart – and for someone to win yours – this website is designed for people like you.
  • Access To Dating Advice And Support. Okay, for some of us, the ability to make a good impression on a first date is pretty intuitive, but for those who find online dating awkward and intimidating, this site includes dating articles, dating tips, and an advice column written by the site’s founder, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Plenty of users won’t find these accessories particularly helpful, but the nervous dater might feel more at ease equipped with these suggestions and tips.

Bottom Line

In the romantic comedy “Must Love Dogs,” Diane Lane found love with John Cusack after meeting him on If you haven’t found luck with the more popular paid dating sites ( and being the frontrunners), and you aren’t finding the serious daters you were hoping for on the free sites, then you might want to try Please comment and add your story if you find that you have a positive experience with the site. But unless your life is a romantic comedy, don’t expect to find your John Cusack as easily as Diane Lane did.

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