Places To Meet Your Online Date

Lets say you just met someone on eHarmony and have just set up your first date. Meeting on online date for the first time can be nerve-racking and, in some cases, absolutely terrifying. To make the date more comfortable and enjoyable, you must pick the ideal locale. Restaurants and movies, while traditional, can make the date more tense. You are in close quarters, and this makes the conversation seem much more personal and intimate. Below are four suggestions of places to meet an online date for the first time to reduce the anxiety:

Festival/ County Fair. Check out what your town is doing locally over the weekend. Often times, your town or surrounding towns, will have some kind of outdoor activity taking place. Strawberry festivals, or activities of that nature, offer up a lot of different activities for you and your date. Musical festivals are also really good ideas. These events offer food, arts, crafts, and much more.

Bar. Although you might think meeting a date at a bar for the first time like announcing your alcoholism, that doesn’t have to be the case. Check out weekly events that take place in local bars in your area.

Find out what kind of things your date enjoys doing, and see what local events are offering up. You don’t have to take the karaoke route, if singing is not your strong suit; bars usually incorporate a variety of activities through the week. Many bars offer trivia nights where you can bring dates/friends and build a team. Your team competes against other patrons of the bar in a fun game of trivia. Some bars even have stand-up comedy nights and variety shows which can be very enjoyable.

Coffee Shop. This sounds a little common place (predictable); I am completely aware. The reason coffee shops are such a wonderful place to make an acquaintance is the fact that they cater to so many people. You can be a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, a smoothie drinker, or even juice and water, and a coffee shop will probably serve something that delights your taste buds. More importantly, coffee shop settings generally produce the right level of intimacy in their aesthetic appeal.

They are acceptably crowded, in a cozy way. The hip, low, music adds a sense of fun and ease. The aroma is light and friendly; and the lighting is not too overpowering. In addition, coffee shops are usually in well populated parts of a town or city which often means there is a large range of locations to continue your date.

Picnic in the Park. If the weather is nice, and your date is willing, picnics in the park are a soothing, carefree way to meet someone new. In more rural settings, it easier to find places to do this sort of activity. Even if you live in the city, however, it is likely that the downtown area will offer some place for this. The setting is fun and playful, but also offers the protection and comfort of being visibly out in the open. If you’re lucky, your park might offer some nice trails for walking, or rivers for wading and exploring with your date.

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Remember, these are just simple suggestions to give you an idea of where to take your date. Take the key components from each place: location, population, and intimacy. You can find other places with these characteristics and plan from there.

Got a favorite first date location? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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