Senior People Meet Review

Senior People Meet is a site aimed at the senior dating spectrum of the online dating community. There are many younger people on this site, too, who are looking to meet older people for dating relationships. This is definitely a niche market site and not a primary site or big player in the industry. This site claims the largest number of online seniors and also states that they have one million seniors registering every year. The site is laid out in a simple three column scheme – not too busy but not simple, either. The colors are soothing and navigation is a breeze with top tabs to hop from one thing to another.

The profile is rather simplistic, but it does have some interesting questions that are unique to the site. It asks about reading and the theater. It seems not to focus so much on movies and music, but to focus on sedate, almost genteel activities. There are three text boxes, but they are not required for the profile. Of course, you can make of your profile what you wish by filling out these boxes. There is also the ability to put audio and video on your profile if you have the capability. Not the most exciting profile, but functional.

There are a few search mechanisms that can come in handy. You can search by the norms – location, age, etc. – and the attributes – height, weight, hair color, etc. You can also search by zodiac sign, who has looked at your profile, and who has actually taken the time to write in their text boxes. That’s incentive! There is also the ability to search by match which is determined by age, body type, and marital status. Some nice search features here, but nothing to knock your socks off. Functional, as well.

Free benefits include the ability to make a profile and perform all searches. You also get to see who has looked at your profile, but not much else, really. For paid membership, you get to send and respond to emails, see who is flirting with you, see who added you as a favorite, view member videos, and chat via instant messaging. You get this all for the price of . . . $14.95 per month! That is an incredibly good price compared to all of the other sites. This site is well worth that price.

Senior People Meet Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Pretty interesting profile
  • If you’re a senior, this site is for you.

Senior People Meet Cons

  • Not many free features
  • Layout is functional, but not slick

This site is recommended to seniors. If you are, run, don’t walk to this site. It is easy to navigate, fun to use, has enough technology for older nerds, and is reasonably priced. If only the other sites would take a page from It is not trying to bilk you out of your money chasing pie-in-the-sky true love. It is simple, straight forward, and real and perfect for the senior dating niche. The only negative is that they don’t have a site for younger people that is as nice as this one.


  1. Gwen Knight says

    Most of the people on the site near me (Melbourne, FL site) don’t seem to get on line very often. I checked last night and there were only a few that had been on line over the last month. If these people are not active or are not actively looking, perhaps they can be placed in an in-active status or something.

    • Hi Gwen,

      I agree with your idea completely. Unfortunately, I think a lot of online dating sites are like this, not just SeniorPeopleMeet.

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