Should I Meet Up With My Online Crush?

Once you have passed the stages of emailing, text flirting and phone conversations there is only one option left to complete the online dating experience….Yes you guessed it….you can now meet in REAL LIFE. This can be incredibly nerve wracking, especially if you have been chatting to someone online for a while. You will both have high hopes, expectations and fears that there won’t be a connection when you are actually in the same room. 

The best aspect of meeting someone that you have already chatted to online, is that you already know that you get on well. You have probably noticed that you have a similar sense of humor and maybe even have the same interests. You may actually feel that you know this person quite well, and online conversations may have become really personal. Having a real life encounter however will still be out of your comfort zone.

You will both be aware that physical appearance will suddenly become much more important than when you were simply sitting miles apart behind a computer screen. Will they look like they do in their incredibly hot photos? Are my photos too flattering? As hard as it may be to erase the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ fantasies, you must be open minded about your first encounter.

Many people meet their online crush with incredibly high expectations that no person would ever be able to fill. Force yourself to separate the virtual person that you have been chatting with from the real human being that will be in front of you. They very well may have a zit, have put on a few pounds, or have cut their hair since their photo! Give them a chance!

Once you have decided to go on a first date with your online crush, make sure to take all of the necessary precautions. As pessimistic as it may sound, there are many cases of people being completely mislead, conned or even worse. As long as you are careful, the only damage that can occur is disappointment. Make sure to take your own form of transport to the location, so that not only will you be safe but you can also ‘vanish’ if the date is not going as well as expected. It is also not the best idea for someone that you do not know to find out where you live.

Always make sure to tell people exactly where you will be meeting (especially if you are a woman). Suggest to meet somewhere open and public such as a restaurant or coffee shop.

If you like their photos and are enjoying chatting and getting to know them, then plucking up the courage to meet your online crush in real life could be the best decision that you ever made!

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