Singlesnet Review

Singlesnet is one of the bigger online dating site in the US. It was recently bought by and its online literature says that it makes online dating simpler. It views its profile as more of a simple introduction rather than a in-depth interview. Simple is definitely the word for it.

First Thoughts

The standard Singlesnet profile is rather plain. It asks the usual questions, such as ethnicity, body type, and religion. You also have the ability to state whether you would consider dating someone of a different ethnicity or smoking preference, etc. For those of you that don’t like to write, Singlesnet does not force you to write a paragraph about yourself. You have the option of just proceeding with the stock questions. Be warned: your profile will look quite anemic without any text. There just isn’t much there. Photos are also allowable, but there is nothing that says how many you can upload.

The search engine is pretty basic. You can search by zip code, region, username, or by who’s online. The site states that they have a particular algorithm that picks out the right matches, but there is no ability to narrow your search when you get thousands of hits. Upgrading your membership allows you to access a more robust search engine.

As a free member, you can search for matches, create a profile, and send emails to people who are featured members. A featured member is, in fact, a paying member. You also have the ability to send flirts to express your interest in a member.

For $24.99 per month, you can get all of the benefits that the site has to offer. Naturally, the cost goes down as you pay for more months at a time. As a paid member, you have unlimited connections with all members. There is also an instant messaging feature that opens up for the paid subscriber. Your profile will be highlighted, and you will receive top placement in search results. Singlesnet also offers four ways to pay: credit card, paypal, online check, and check by mail.

Singlesnet Pros

  • Simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Multiple pay methods
  • Ability to email featured members for free
  • Relatively less expensive

Singlesnet Cons

  • Online Profile is pretty limited
  • Search function is too basic

Overall Impressions

Singlesnet reminds me somewhat of an online bar. You can see people, but don’t really have a good feel about what they are like. That’s what talking is for, but people who are looking into online dating have already had enough of kissing frogs. People are always trying to contact you on this site, but I found it somewhat difficult to judge whether or not you want to speak with them based on the profile. Still, if you’re looking for a date and don’t want to go through a complicated signup process, give Singlesnet a try.

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