The Other Woman

Make that “Women.”

So you’ve met the man of your dreams, on internet date #37, the last date you were going on before declaring permanent singledom and joining the nearest convent and/or seminary.  Internet date #37 seems to like you too.  You’re psyched, and you’d like to belt out your newfound infatuation from the rooftops of the restaurant where your eyes first feasted on #37.

But you play it casual, and settle for a quick covert text to your friend from the restroom (“Cancel phone call with fake emergency to get out of Internet date #37—I actually like this one!!”).

You leave the date feeling confident that you’ll secure a second date soon.  But several hours turns into several days turns into several weeks and still #37 hasn’t called to request your delightful presence on a second date.  What is #37 thinking?  Doesn’t he know how you turned down Internet dates #1 through #36 just because you were waiting for a catch like him?  Doesn’t he know how awesome you are??

Maybe he does.  But remember #37 may be prolific at perusing other profiles, and that has, as it so avidly advertises, 20 million users just like you!  There are other women, precisely 10 million of them, and that’s some stiff competition, regardless of how awesome you are.

So here is today’s free online dating tip.  Play it cool.  Don’t set your expectations too high in Internet space, because they’ll fall faster than a shooting star when #37 spaces out and forgets to return your calls.


  1. Tamara, are you asking how to act cool on that first date even if you’re really interested in the guy? I want to make sure I understand your question; then I’d be happy to write an article on that. 🙂


  2. hi Kinley,
    liked your post!
    So how does one get around? Been there, done that, luckily all fine for me, but many girls and guys do not get that lucky from first few blind dates? How to keep the “ice queen” look while wanting to get in touch again before he (she) even left?
    thanks 🙂

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