Top 5 Online Flirting Tips

Although the terror of approaching new people online is minimal compared to face to face encounters, in order to reel in a good catch in the cyber sea, you will need a certain level of skill and finesse in the flirting department.

Like in the real world there are certainly do’s and don’ts when turning on your flirt switch. Follow these top flirting tips whether you are on OkCupid or and you will be sure to entice even the most experienced online daters:

  1. Use Punctuation to Create Intrigue. When you are flirting online your punctuation and grammar obviously does not have to be of the Oxford dictionary level. Using the magical symbols that the English language has blessed us with can really change the meaning of what you say and add elements of mystery, humor or whit to your conversations.

    When you first start speaking to someone online it is most probable that it will be through text (either emails or chat). Although this is a great way of getting to know someone, often it can be pretty hard to express yourself and your personality. I always like using the flirtatious cliffhanger of ‘……..’ at the end of a comment or message.

    This both shows that I am waiting for a reply as well as giving the idea that I have more things to reveal. Exclamation marks are another way of playing with your sentences and keeping the tone light and expressive. A great humorous way of putting things is in quotation marks too eg, ‘so you think of yourself as quite the “Romeo” then?’

  2. Smileys Are Bound to Make Your Online Crush Smile. The basics of good flirting are to be yourself, immature and silly. What better way of adding some fun to a conversation than adding some sad faces 🙁 , happy faces 🙂 or the ultimate flirters friend – the good old wink icon ;).

    If you are speaking to someone through email, MSN, Skype or AOL Instant Messenger, then they all provide cute little icons to add to your conversations. Email providers also now have caught onto the wonders of smileys, and offer a selection for you to amuse your online interests. I find that there is nothing more endearing in a text conversation than receiving a rose symbol or a sweet little heart image.

  3. Innuendos can really work. Basically little jokes that are used to show your attraction to someone, innuendos are the basis of humorous flirting. Depending on someones responses you can really suss out whether they are into you and what they are looking for. Saying what you mean hidden behind words really can be a great turn on for many online daters and really will make your online crush think more about you.

    One major word of advice is that if you are looking for something serious with someone online then make sure to stay away from saying anything too sexual such as, “If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?” Be conscious to be flirty and not sleazy!

  4. Laughter is the key to anyones’ heart: Humor is probably the most important thing when flirting with anyone and the truth is that if you can’t laugh at the same things, then there probably isn’t going to be much between you anyway. Keep things light and fun at the beginning and tell your funny little stories or discuss general things that you find hilarious in life or on TV. Not only will this break the ice, but it will also enable you to see if you connect on the most basic level.

  5. Ask questions but don’t be an interrogator: At the end of the day everyone loves to talk about themselves, however when you first meet there is a fine line between interest and nosiness. Keep questions fun and chatty when you start talking online and save the luggage for later on. Rhetorical questions are a great way of flirting too, as they show your personality and interest without necessarily demanding an answer.

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