Via A Female: How To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back

I am going to share with you some tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back from a female’s perspective. We all know what it feels like to have “the one that got away”. Those final conversations play over and over in our minds as we dissect the relationship; trying to find the moment where all hope fleeted. Too often men are unresponsive or too desperate when they attempt to rekindle a relationship. Well here’s some advice, straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak); a short list of tips that will get you on your way to getting her back:

1. Fix your broken heart first: Take time to get rid of your own pain before you begin to focus on winning her back. You cannot be emotionally capable of taking care of someone else if you can’t take care of yourself. Take a substantial amount of time away from her; no phone calls, no “running into her”, put her personal belongings away; and try to avoid things that you know will make you think of her. Do some things that you love during this time. Pick up a hobby you have neglected. For some men recreational activities like sports help.

2. Mingle: After you have taken care of your own needs, and are feeling like a capable human beings again, go out in the world. Meet new people and expand your horizons. Women to not respond to needy men, so make sure that you are comfortable spending time with other people too. Women do, however, respond to confidence. When we know that you’re content enough to not need us, we will begin to spend more and more time thinking about you. Nothing attracts a woman to a man as much as his self-sustainability.

3. Give her a call: This is the step that, as a woman, is a little embarrassing. It highlights our stubborn nature. We want what’s not readily available. Call her up. Let her know that you have learned a lot about yourself, and consequently, your faults through your breakup. Let her know that you know understand why you too wouldn’t work. Don’t let her know, at this point, that you want to get back with her. Your only objective is to show that you are happy and healthy and want the same for her. If you want to keep her once you reconcile, it’s best for all these statements to be true.

4. Become someone she can trust again: Slowly work your way back into her life. Be the friend that she needs. You won’t be together again until she can trust you completely, and depending on the reason for your breakup, this could take awhile. Once you have spent time with her non-romantically, and you both appreciate new things about each other, you should have a better understanding of how the other operates. At this point, be honest. Let her know how you feel. If she doesn’t take you back at this point, then the chemistry is not there, and that cannot be changed. At least you know that you did everything you could; in the end it’s the thought that counts.

Guys, how to get your ex back is always a hard topic. However, equipped with the tips above, you will be better off getting her back!


  1. I’m sure these dating tips for men are effective, but I not sure if getting back with her is the best thing to do. It seems like this is a lot of work, when you could just start out fresh.

    A lot of guys that try to “win her back” do so because they don’t have any other options in life. But there are tons of women online. You could even hire a dating coach to help you meet other women.

    The other reason I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to rekindle a relationship is because a lot of people go into it for the wrong reason. Suddenly, the person that dumped them has become a challenge, and this is why they are attracted to them. But this is not why you should go back with her. You are just objectifying her even more.

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