Wink and you’ll Miss it

Today’s online dating tip: If you’re interested, send an email, not a wink.

Once upon a time lived a lovely young heroine looking for love. She looked left, and right, but didn’t find it. So she opened up her laptop and registered on an online dating site and there it was, staring her right in the face: LOVE! So many online options, she thought woefully, and yet so little time to meet each gentleman in her busy life of prancing about looking for love.

Two potential online suitors tried to contact our heroine. Each boasted a lovely profile replete with a handsome visage, bulging biceps, stable source of income, and witty disposition. Our busy heroine was delighted at the possibility of being courted by one of these bachelors, and yet she had not the time to spare to contact both in return.

Our heroine was flummoxed. Which lucky man would win a date, and which would be sent home without a rose? (Wait….wrong scenario.) Just as she began to fear she was at an impasse, a lightbulb appeared directly above her head and she saw the solution clearly! After turning off the lightbulb to conserve energy, she realized that while one of her potential suitors had sent her a thoughtful email conveying his interest and demonstrating he had read through her profile, the other bachelor had simply sent her a wink. This wink, while considerate, took no effort and gave no indication whether he had even read through her carefully constructed online profile.

Our heroine had made her choice! She responded to the suitor who had taken the time to write her an email. They enjoyed a brief email correspondence, began a courtship, and lived happily ever after.

*Story has been slightly embellished to illustrate a point; any likeness between fictional protagonist and fictional suitors is purely coincidental. For example, protagonist has not yet found true love and therefore has ample time to write online dating advice columns. For example.

**While an email will improve your chances of receiving a response, a novel will scare someone away. Do not write a fourteen paragraph treatise in your first email contact! Short and sweet will do just fine.


  1. I agree. A wink is just a “Wohoo. Ignore me just like you ignore all the other guys who wink at everyone.” A long email detailing your life is just creepy. Short emails are the best.

  2. …so then, why do we have “winks” in the first place? What good are they?

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