Worst Online Dating Sites – Dating Sites To Avoid

Knowing which dating sites to avoid will really get you off to a great start in your search for cyber love. With the inability to know exactly who someone is, we online daters trust the sites to do most of the dirty work and to keep us safe and secure.

So what are the warning signs that a dating site is bad news? Well firstly the privacy and safety of it’s members is of utmost importance to any credible site. However hot the people may look to you as you browse through, if the site does not have a good security system then you won’t be going on any more dates because you will have been scammed out of all your money!

Another crucial factor that you must bare in mind is the actual reason that you signed up in the first place – to find a compatible match! Unfortunately the bogus sites don’t actually care whether you meet anyone interesting or not, and their supposed ‘matches’ are done at random.

So based on reviews, my own attempts at finding love and the general interfaces of the sites themselves, here are some the worst online dating sites that you really should avoid……

PerfectMatch.com: This is one site that I would steer well clear of. Their lack of people that they have to monitor what is going on, means that you will be bombarded with hundreds of spam emails. PerfectMatch is a total rip off and the membership fees result in very few matches at all! After creating a profile on the site myself, I typed my specifications and looked at their meager attempts at finding me a man. None of the results remotely matched what I was looking for and some did not even have a profile!

Singlesnet.com: Oh no you’re trapped! Once you have paid to subscribe to a membership on this site you can say goodbye to your $24.95/Month as you most probably won’t be meeting anyone apart from con artists. Apart from the infuriating scam emails, it is the shockingly bad user interface of this site that sets it apart from the rest. Messages don’t send (or you send them over and over by accident), the site is slow to load, and the photos on people’s profiles are so small that you literally need a magnifying glass to even make out if they are human. Don’t worry however because Singlesnet has managed to make one thing work on their site…..Their payment system.

That said, there are still many good dating sites out there, such as eHarmony and Match.com. Those sites get tons of good reviews and there are a lot of successful stories. Here is a list of the best dating sites for your reference. Check them out and good luck with your dating!

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