You Can’t Date Everybody!

So don’t try.

I’ve always been an overachiever. I expect to accomplish every goal I set. In my quest to be a thorough online dater, I left no stone unturned, no email unreturned. No profile unnoticed. No possibility uninvestigated. Pretty soon I had scheduled dozens of dates, rescheduled dozens of real-life activities, quit dozens of jobs in order to excel at my new full-time job: online dating. I joke, but not really. The world of online dating became a vacuum into which I’d been sucked. And it sucked.

After hiding my profile and reassessing how to proceed in the world of online dating, I took another stab at the process. I stopped responding to emails unless a person’s profile really struck me and I found myself genuinely excited by the possibility of meeting him. I reminded myself that I would get my money’s worth by the quality of dates, not the “quantity of scheduled appointments with potential mates.”

When you create an online profile, you’re putting yourself out there to meet people through new means, and you know you’re taking the first step toward finding the relationship you want. Take comfort in this knowledge. If anxiety accompanies the creation of your online profile, take a step back, and re-evaluate the process. Make it work for you.

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