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Zoosk boasts eight million singles coming through their doors via Facebook. Indeed, the close association with Facebook is one of the perks of membership at Zoosk. It has even been featured in such prestigious places as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. What makes Zoosk stand out is that it really has the feel of a social networking site. It even has a newsfeed of sorts from the main homepage to let you know what activity is happening on the site right now.

The profile is slick and cleanly laid out. There are the usual vital statistics and text boxes for more focused writing about yourself. A creative thing about this profile is the presence of “ice breakers”. You can select up to one hundred questions that you would like someone to ask you to break the ice. Also, the profile has a section where your friends from other sites like Facebook can write testimonials about you. These are two unique things to this site that make the profile fun and thoughtful.

The search mechanism is rather straight forward. You can do a basic search from the search page that outlines such things as age and distance. You can also go for a more advanced search by selecting which attributes in particular you are looking for. If you collect enough coins, you can boost your profile to the top of the search results for a while and gain prime space on the main page of someone who may be interested in you. It is a way of standing out among the crowd.

Coins are just one of the many things you can do for free on Zoosk. You can gain coins by performing specific actions or by opting in to advertisements. These are great ways to collect coins, but you can also buy them at about $0.10 per coin. What do they do? It is unclear at first, but they are not only good for boosting your profile. You can use them to send little gifts with your flirts and messages in order to stand out in someone’s inbox. It’s a cute touch and just another of the things that makes Zoosk fun.

Free members can also respond to mail sent directly to them, and this is a rare perk in the online dating community. The only thing that paid membership gets for you is unlimited contact with singles, prime search placement, chat, and the ability to see who has viewed your profile. This is available for $29.99 per month and can be paid using credit card, paypal, or check.

Zoosk Pros

  • Lots of perks for free members.
  • Seamless Facebook integration.
  • Lots of interesting, fun features.

Zoosk Cons

  • Relatively high membership price.
  • Search is a little basic.

There really is not much to dislike about Zoosk. It is one of the most fun sites out there in the online dating community. It is nicely laid out, works with Facebook, and has lots of fun little things you can do to gain someone’s attention. Its free benefits are phenomenal, and the price of subscribing really isn’t too much more than other sites. This site is highly recommended as a first choice site. There really are very few that can compare to the fun and to the bargain that Zoosk brings to online dating.

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