Why Nice Guys Finish Last

You’ve heard the saying over and over again, “nice guys finish last.” There’s some truth to this.

Women are not turned on by how NICE you are, attraction doesn’t work like that.

Sure, it would be great if it worked like this, but it doesn’t. You must create a spark to ATTRACT women and set yourself apart for the rest.

Most guys will make the mistake of being TOO NICE to women and wont get anywhere with them.

Nice guys get labeled as FRIENDS.

Women keep their friends separate from their lovers and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to move from friend to lover.

Avoid the mistakes of the nice guy, and start having SUCCESS with women.

Below is a list of 10 mistakes men make when trying to attract women.

Mistake #1: Becoming Friends First

Guys usually think that if they befriend women first, that down the line they can turn them into more than just friends.

This is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do. Women usually judge guys from the get go and know whether they are going to be just friends or more.

If a woman doesn’t have feelings for you from the start, how do you expect to change the way she feels?

Once they peg you as a friend, your chances are slim to none of ever being more. Your first impression is the most important, don‘t blow it by making this costly mistake.

Mistake #2: Confessing Your Love Too Early

Another mistake men make when dating is letting a women know how they feel too early, even after just one date!


There’s nothing worse then telling a women how you feel, and having them tell you they don’t feel the same way. Why take the rist?

It takes time for real feelings to develop, so relax. If you’re confessing your love before you really even know them, you come off as desperate and needy. Women are REPELLED by this.

Just because she looks hot doesn’t mean she’s the complete package.

Women want a man who is in control of himself, not one that falls at their feet and worships them.

A good rule of thumb is, let them tell you how they feel first.

Mistake #3: Wanting Their Approval.

When trying to attract women, men usually make the mistake of trying to get a woman’s permission or approval on things.

This will never work and is a HORRIBLE idea.

Women don’t like guys who try to kiss butt and get their approval

Does this mean you need to treat women like crap for them to like you?

NO, absolutely not.

But if you think you need her approval and permission on everything, you have it all backwards my friend

You will never get ahead trying to please a woman, this will actually make them think less of you. Don’t believe me? Ask any good looking female if guys who chase her and ask for approval annoy her.

Mistake #4: Letting The Woman Take The Lead.

Women want a man who can take charge and make plans.

Most men fail because they ask the women what they want to do, then just do that. You must be able to take the initiative and lead the women along the way.

Women love surprises, and if you can take the lead, make the plans, and surprise them, they will be really impressed.

They don’t want someone who will just do what ever they want, and they sure as hell don’t want to be the one making the plans all the time.

Be the man and take the lead.

Mistake #5: Letting Women Walk All Over Them.

Nice guys make the mistake of giving women all the power, all the say. This is NOT the way to build attraction.

Women are NOT ATTRACTED to spineless men. They will know they can walk all over you and use that to their advantage to use you.

You can’t be a pushover they can control. Women don’t want to date a wuss, they want to date a man. So stand your ground, and let yourself be pushed aside.

Mistake #6: Trying To Buy Their Affection.

Ever bought a women flowers, wined and dinned her, only to have her REJECT you for another man?

Use to happen to me all the time, until I realized this behavior doesn’t do you any favors.

Women perceive this as weak. It’s basically saying I am not worth your time, so let me buy you things to make up for it. It makes you look like you are insecure, and women pick up on this. You shouldn’t need to buy a woman anything to impress them, just being you should impress them enough.

You can’t buy a women’s love and affection.

Mistake #7: Trying To Convince Women Why You Are Right For Them.

You can never use logic and try to convince a woman to date you. Telling them all the reasons why they should be with you is a mistake.

EMOTIONS are what move women and it’s the way to their heart.

You have to be able to attract them by sparking FEELINGS in them – telling them doesn’t work.

Telling them all the reasons why you would be good for them, makes them look for all the reason why you wouldn’t be right. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is what women have been trained to do, look for the flaws.

Mistake #8: Not Playing The Game

The dating game, as it’s referred to, is exactly what it is. There’s give and take involved and you have to play the game.

A lot of people will say they don’t like to play games, we’ll if you aren’t going to play, you can’t win.

Women like to be a challenge, they like to make it difficult too see if you if you are worth it. Most guys make the mistake of giving up too quick because they aren’t willing to play the game.

You have to learn how to play the game to make women like you, simply sitting on the sidelines wont cut it.

If you are waiting for one to come along and find you, she never will. She is waiting for YOU to sweep her off her feet.

Through trial and error, I have figured out how to approach and be successful with women, and you can too.

Mistake #9: Not Knowing What To Do And When To Do It.

Women know EXACTLY where things are going to go, and how far they are willing to take it LONG before you do.

Picture this, most women are hit on time after time EVERY SINGLE DAY. They will go on far more dates then you will, and if she is attractive, she will have a lot of experience.

They know what your thinking, before you do.

A woman knows exactly how to read body language and can tell what’s on your mind and what you’re thinking. When you want to kiss her, she already knows.

If you don’t know what to do, and when to do it, or even how to do it, she isn’t going to help you out. You are only wasting your time and hers because she will find someone else who knows what to do… Remember, most women are getting hit on ALL DAY.

It is very important you know EXACTLY what to do, step by step along the way. Everything from initial contact, first date, all the way to the bedroom. Other wise you risk screwing it all up and usually you ONLY GET ONE CHANCE.

Mistake #10: Not Asking For Help

This is the biggest mistake guys make.

Most guys wont even ask for directions when lost, why would they ask for help with women?

Whether it’s too much pride or just out of laziness, this will keep most guys from EVER being successful with women.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help along the way.

I get it, I been there done that. I wasn’t always successful with women.

It wasn’t until I realized what I was doing wasn’t working and DID something about it. Once I did, my success with women went through the roof.

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